Monday, November 15, 2010

Wet n Wild Holiday 2010: Sugar Plum Fairies Palette Review + Look

Next up is the Sugar Plum Fairy palette from the WetnWild Holiday 2010 palette.

Out of the 3 I have, this one had the lowest amount of pigmentation. That isn't to say it isn't a gorgeous palette, but I'm just noting that the others had more.


Top picture
Top row, left to right: Pale shimmering white (hint of purple), pastel lilac, greyed out "blurple"
Bottom row, left to right: pinky tan, golden medium purple, black with pink/purple sparkle

The eyeliner (bottom pic) is a gorgeous, perfect shade of purple BUT is a bit hard so it tugs on the eye a little. The other two from the sets are fine but this one was a little funny. I'll still work with it though -- it is a really nice shade.

The golden purple had me looking to see if it was a dupe for Mac Trax... let's take a look:

The WetnWild shade is on the left, Mac is on the right.

The WetnWild eyeshadow has a more pigmented base, therefore it is a stronger purple colour. The Mac one has gorgeous golden shimmer but so does the WetnWild... they are close enough for me to call them dupes.

The lighter pastel purple is similar to Beautiful Iris but again, but more pigmented.

Overall, another very good palette. I love the combination of colours, but then again I -love- purples. I will note that there is something interesting about the shade range in this palette... the purples are slightly greyed which gives them an interesting finish. I really loved the way they made my eyes look, and the colour in the bottom left pan is GORGEOUS. It goes on the lid slightly muddy and soft but when you put it under the lash line, it really pops. You'll see in the FOTDs :)

By the way, with these photos... imagine the lip color being a more baby pink/rose shade. I don't know why it was turning orange! Final thing is that my redness was really acting up on Saturday (that's when these were done)... so yeah, my cheeks are wrecked.

- Clinique Redness Solutions base
- Mac Studio Fix powder
- Maybelline Super Stay concealer "Cream"
- Rimmel Pink Rose blush
- Mac Espresso eyeshadow (brows)

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy palette - all 6 colours and eyeliner
- Maybelline The Falsies mascara

- Max Factor English Rose lipstick
- NYX Baby Rose lipgloss

I will also do a quick post on the lipstick... it's gorgeous! (when it actually shows right)


  1. Love it! I don't own many MAC shadows so it's nice to know when I have dupes and not realize it lol

  2. I really like the look of this palette! Sometimes its nice to have softer shades, too. Shame the eyeliner is pooey but I guess you got this on the Walgreens sale?

  3. @froggistyle73 I try to do that to help people out, even though I don't have many Mac eyeshadows to compare to!

    @Robyn: I did, but it wasn't on sale :( My crappy local store wouldn't do it. One week the tags said "ALL wetnwild cosmetics", so I tried to argue it with the manager... then a few days later they had all changed to "wetnwild 6 pan eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and eyeliners" or something like that. Convenient... cause technically the holiday sets are just that -- sets, not just palettes LOL. Bastards.

  4. That eyeliner's such a great colour! Shame about the quality... but looks like the shadows more than make up for it! I'll have to investigate their availability in the UK

  5. Thanks for the review. I can see why it is not your favorite. While pretty, it just has a nothing special feel to it, know what I mean?

  6. I do love Trax but think I actually prefer how the Wet N Wild shade looks better! The pigmentation looks pretty decent too, thanks for swatching!

  7. Your review is getting ranked second on a Google search for "wet n wild sugar plum fairy review" :-) Awesome work and great review.

  8. @Innuhendo I don't think they're available :( I've had to send two sets of them to ladies in Europe! They need to be over there though, and Sleek needs to be here!

    @Cosmetics Aficionado: Exactly. There's something interesting about the colours but it's hard to say what.

    @Kat O: Agreed! I have trouble with Trax showing on me! The stronger base on the WNW one helps!

    @Drafell: Thanks hunnybee :) <3

  9. Great review. Lately I haven't been buying as much MAC since I know I can find dupes like this out there. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh I love purples!! :) Great look lady! ;)


  11. oooh that's gorgeous! :D lovely purples!

  12. I loooove this palette so much! The colours are fabulous!

  13. I have this palette and LOVE it!!! (will do reviews soon too!). I agree...the grey base on these purples make them so wearable and lovely! Such a pretty palette. I have been wearing different combinations of these eye shadows since the day I bought this. LOVE what purple does to my "chameleon" eyes (baby blue that can turn grey or light green depending on my shadow/clothes) eyes look "greenish" when I wear this. Thanks for the great review and swatches!