Monday, September 27, 2010

Forgotten Treasures Series: Look #1 and #2

First of all, just a reminder to enter my giveaway here.

I'm giving away a ton of prizes and bonus entries for those who submit looks! It ends at the end of the week... go go go!

So this is the beginning of a new series. It admittedly won't be a daily post or anything, it will be literally when I discover the items used. I am onto a thing at the moment where I'm pulling items I haven't used in a while or new items I haven't had a chance to use yet. They are used in conjunction with much loved items.

First up is a look I wore to a "bad fighting game tournament" on Saturday... I was supposed to be doing makeup on a friend's girlfriend so I rocked something bright and crazy:

* indicates the "forgotten treasure" / new item
- Mac Studio Fix powder
- Mac Prism blush *
- Rimmel Pink Rose blush *
- Mac Select Moisturecover NW20

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Ulta "Pink" eyeshadow *
- Sleek eye dust "So Sleek" *
- MUA eyeshadows #9, #13 *
- Maybelline The Falsies mascara, Very Black *

- Viva Glam Gaga *
- Essence gloss in "Rising Star"

Second look is a bit uninspiring... but for the sake of the series, I needed to show it. I do love the eyeshadows.

I wore this to work today and used my Urban Decay Deluxe Box of Shadows... which I had forgotten about XD

* indicates the "forgotten treasure"
- Mac Studio Fix powder
- Mac Prim and Proper blush *
- Mac Select Moisturecover NW20

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Urban Decay eyeshadow "Honey" *
- Urban Decay eyeshadow "Shag" *
- Urban Decay eyeshadow "Underground" *
- Urban Decay eyeshadow "Zero" *
- Urban Decay eyeshadow "Peace" *
- Urban Decay liner in "Bourbon"
- Maybelline The Falsies mascara, Very Black *

- Milani lipstick in "Orangina" *
- Mac lipgloss "Flurry of Fun"

That's all for today! I have an upcoming Ulta haul from the NYX sale (when it gets here...), Venomous Villains when it releases... I also have some NOTD and a review of the Maybelline Dream Smooth mousse on me versus my mum. So stay tuned!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Reviews + Photos

Ok, so this has sort of been a long time coming. I'm not 100% pleased with this review but this is the best I can do for now. The photos shown will be the 2nd time wearing this foundation, so I don't have a perfect opinion of the wear time, but a decent one. I will wear it again when I am able to take outdoor photos... there are some flash photos of my overall face before and after, but the close ups are non flash, and therefore slightly blurry, because flash would have washed me out.

This is taking a lot of guts, but photos of me with no makeup (sans brows and mascara). Excuse the brows, I had to redo them after getting into a cuddling battle with Rob, so they had rubbed off weird. I will leave them smaller to reduce the horror.

As you can see, I don't really have any blemishes, but instead have a lot of hyperpigmentation, freckles, and redness in my cheeks. I also have scarring from teenage acne on my forehead.

I normally use Mac Studio Fix Powder or Cover Girl's tinted moisturizer and am generally happy with the coverage. That being said, I've never used a liquid foundation or anything with anything near a fuller coverage. Therefore, I was wary of this product.

The product is housed in a plastic bottle, very sturdy and definitely worthy of the price tag. It has a pump, which pumps out just enough product. I usually do 3-4 small pumps to cover my entire face. For applying, I use the EcoTools foundation brush.

The foundation dries quickly, so you do have to work quickly to get it even on your skin. But, it applies very easily and glides on almost on its own, so there isn't too much work there. I do find that it dries on the back of my hand, so you are technically wasting a little bit of product on each pump.

In this photo, I applied the foundation to half of my face (my finger indicates which side):

As you can obviously tell, especially if you blow up the picture, the foundation is on (my) right side and (your) left side. You cannot see too much of a difference until you look closer to the sides of my face... notice the lack of freckles and redness. Yet, it looks quite natural.

Full foundation:

I think that the color match is spot on. MUFE is known for having a range of colors, and my shade is #115. I believe it has cool/pink undertones. I am a little surprised, as I wear NC in Mac... this doesn't look ruddy on me, somehow. It blends in nicely with my neck and I feel comfortable wearing it.

It photographs wonderfully, and honestly looks even better in person. The finish is definitely matte, but there is a slight powderyness to it... it's not noticeable except on certain areas, such as a side profile on my nose. That could be my application, however.

More coverage photos... in the first, I had a blemish on my temple that is decently covered just by the foundation:

The foundation feels perfectly weightless on my skin... and this is coming from a girl who is used to wearing powder or what amounts to a tinted lotion; or even more often, nothing at all!

I don't detect any sort of overpowering smell.

As for coverage, I would describe this as a medium coverage. I do like that it conceals my undereye circles pretty well on it's own. The only downside is that if you do have severe dark circles or even blemishes/scarring, there is a point where this is just not buildable, even with concealer. I'm demonstrating this here:

Can you tell in which photo I have just foundation and in which I have concealer over the foundation? Exactly. I put on a usual amount of Mac's Select MoistureCover and got no additional coverage. Again, the foundation covered sufficiently on it's own, but it may not be good for those with heavier concealing needs. I think that you would get to a point where you're just packing on more product, and not getting any additional coverage. For those with heavier undereye circles and wanting to try this, I would suggest a peach or pink corrector UNDER the foundation first.

Wear time is very good, even when not setting with loose powder. I don't have any powder at the moment, as the cheap bottle I had broke me out in an allergic reaction. When I wore this a few weeks ago, I simply patted a little Studio Fix under my eyes and around my nose... to test the wear of the foundation on it's own.

While it's good... it's definitely not amazing. Of course, MUFE recommends their HD microfinish setting powder to go with this. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not okay with dropping $30 after spending $40 on the foundation. You have to ask yourself if it is really worth it... would it make that much of a difference? I, unfortunately, cannot answer that... but can merely submit pictures of my makeup after 7-8 hours of wear, 2-3 of them in 90+ degree heat:

The foundation is still going strong on my cheeks, chin, etc... but notice the darkness under my eyes. This look was done with the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and I've never had an issue with the shadows creasing under my eyes, but it did it with this foundation. More than likely, the foundation had creased at some point throughout the day, and when I touched up 7 hours after initially applying (I darkened the look to take it from day to night), the shadows got caught in the creasing. It's a little disappointing for a $40 foundation... but I love the foundation enough to look past it.

If I had the money to spend, I'd test out the powder. But the truth is that I don't!

Would I recommend this foundation to anyone? Yes, especially if they prefer to have really flawless skin on a daily basis, or are having photographs taken. It really does look beautiful. For every day wear, however, I'm not 100% sure that it is worth it unless you're someone who prefers full foundation every day. I'm just not one of those people.

Wendy's Rating: A

A Tale of Two Purple Lippies

One of which I love... and the other, not so much.

This was me playing over the weekend with my LA Colors palettes. The first is a look with the Wine and Roses palette, I did cheat a little and use a Revlon matte eyeshadow for my brow, and a little MUFE #92 to make the outer corner more purple.

This one is Mac Up the Amp. Also known as my ultimate love. I have a pink shimmering gloss over top, I think its NYX Chandelier. I will have to buy a back up tube of Up the Amp.

Next is a look with the Tease palette. I take back what I said about the pinks not staining your eyelids, cause it totally did and I now look like I have pink eye. It's okay, this was pretty. I did wear my glasses over top when I went out.

I used the pink and blue on the lid, green to blend out the crease, orange on the inner lid (which didn't show) and yellow/green along the bottom lash line with the blue. There was also purple glitter liner.

Now, the lips... it's NYX Medusa. I got this a few weeks ago and it ended up being less than $2 with some coupons I had. I liked the shade in the store but got it home and did a "what was I thinking?!" sort of thing. The photos above are HEAVILY blotted. If I don't blot, the texture of the lipstick just isn't right. I have two other NYX lipsticks, Chaos and Indian Pink, and both apply smooth and even. This one applies blotchy and sort of like you're smearing cranberry jelly on your lips. It's not cute. I also put NYX Chandelier over this one too. It's tolerable the way it is in photos.

As a side note, pics coming up of my RBL Scrangie dupe. It's pretty close now that I've done a full mani with it. The only thing is that the purple flash doesn't show unless I'm in direct sunlight or sort of low flourescent lighting... otherwise it's a scarab-ish teal duochrome polish. Does anyone have Scrangie? Does it do that in low light too? I did manage to get the green shimmer though :)

Oh oh oh, I know... shameless plug but: I entered Rob into the Urban Decay Manhunt contest. If you have a minute, go vote for him :) You do have to put in an email and then confirm the vote a few minutes later, but I would appreciate it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

LA Colors 5 Color Palette Review + Giveaway!

Haha, curb your excitement... I've got the review first :)

So I was on vacation in a very out of the way "town", and one night when going into said town, decided to explore the few shops they had on a little strip. Well, more like... shop. It was a Dollar General. Now, where I live, the dollar store isn't a place you find anything worthwhile. This one, however, was quite clean and so I ventured inside (especially because I yet again forgot my eye brushes... all except my brow brush).

Not only did they carry an array of E.L.F. brushes, but they had these cute little LA Colors 5 Color Palettes for $1.50. Oh yes, $1.50. Wendy had found her mecca for that leg of the trip.

I picked up one, hoarded it back to the cabin and played with it...

Ooh... aaah... this was impressive for $1.50. Here it is with swatches:

None of the colors have names, so I'll label them Color 1-5, left to right:

Color 1: Pale, shimmery yellow
Color 2: Pale, shimmer orange (nearly yellow)
Color 3: Medium frosty pink, slight blue flash
Color 4: Medium raspberry pink
Color 5: Pale, shimmering lilac

The colors are smooth and buttery, and apply evenly with a slight metallic sheen. I did a look with these colors (and some teal glitter liner, ftw) but didn't take classic FOTD photos, so instead you get a British boy and me shot:

I'm sure you don't mind.

I will explain more about the texture further down, but for now let's continue. I went back to pick up any other interesting colors, and got two more:

Color 1: Pale shimmery yellow (darker than 1st palette)
Color 2: Medium frosty orange
Color 3: Fuschia pink (darker than 1st palette)
Color 4: Vibrant sky blue
Color 5: Pale spring green

Color 5 is a decent dupe for Mac Aquavert, which I raved about in another post. It's more shimmery but its the same base tone. Aquavert is more pastel. Color 1 in both palettes is a dupe for Goin' Bananas, I'd say the 1st palette one is closer.

I picked up the next palette mostly to test out the neutrals... I'll admit the colors didn't grab me initially but upon swatching, omg. I think this one is called Wine and Roses.

Color 1: Frosty white, slight purple lean
Color 2: Medium taupe (its not that dark in real life)
Color 3: Red toned, shimmering brown
Color 4: Purple grey
Color 5: Deeper purple grey

Holy cow. Taupe?! In a $1.50 palette? Oh yes. The photo doesn't capture it right, it shows it as way way too red brown. It's quite soft and metallic... and taupey.

In terms of versatility, my honest vote goes to the 3rd palette. All of the colors are easily interchangeable. Maybe I'm still slightly shy of brighter colors, but I feel like looks are more limited with the first two. They are also slightly similar in the two lightest shades.

As for applying them, as I said previously they apply smoothly. It does take a little work to get them even as they are quite soft and blending too harshly will blend them right off of your eyes. I found that using a stickier base helped (NYX jumbo pencil, for example). They lasted well, I was in 85 degree weather for 7-8 hours and they hadn't bled or anything. The pinks also did not stain my lids, surprisingly.

I would compare the texture to a deluxe Urban Decay eyeshadow. I wouldn't say these are anywhere near the quality, but the idea is the same. I have trouble with blending away Deluxe shadows (even UD's regular shadows for that matter). The shimmering white in the 3rd palette is close to UD Virgin from the Naked palette. The LA Colors one is lighter but if you put your finger into them, they are very alike in feel.

I think these would be great for starters to makeup, or even those afraid of bright, bright colors. The brights in these are subtle but noticeable.
Wendy's rating: A-

So, with that, I am giving away identicals of the 3 I have reviewed here. There are some additional items though!

- LA Colors "Tease" eye palette
- LA Colors "Wildflowers" eye palette
- LA Colors "Wine and Roses" eyepalette
- China Glaze For Audrey (yesssss!)
- Essie Mint Candy Apple
- LA Colors "Radiation" nail polish
- Maybelline Mineral Power blush "Original Rose II"
- LA Colors Art Deco "Black" polish
- Sample sizes of Clinique's High Impact Mascara and Dramatically Different Moisturizer
- Sample of Clarins Multi Active Serum
- Sample of Phyto Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm

I know the end items may seem odd... I already have full sizes of the Clinique items and I received those while working at Macy's. As for the Clarins item, it has an ingredient I'm allergic to :( Hopefully someone else can use it.

The rules are as follows: (for these, leave separate comments for each entry please)
1) You must be a follower
2) You must leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite thing about Fall.
3) For an additional entry, you can add me to your blog roll (link must be included)
4) For an additional two entries, you can blog about this giveaway. Blogs made solely for giveaways will not count. (link must be included)
5) For an additional entry, you may tweet about this giveaway. You should @CydonianMU as your tweet or you can link me the tweet itself if you know how to do that (I sure don't, lol) Twitters made solely for giveaways will not be given credit.
6) *Special* For an additional five entries, you may post an original makeup look on yourself, inspired by the fall... it can be leaves, trees, or even a Halloween entry. Go for it! Have fun! You can post links to your photos directly on the comment, or you can email me the photos if you're shy ( guitarsoloist07 at yahoo dot com)
**One look per user**

This contest is open internationally. The contest starts when this is posted and ends at midnight EST on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Good luck guys! Can't wait to see the entries.

WOOO! 160!

Thanks so much guys! I hit my goal of 160 followers, so as promised, I will be posting a giveaway tonight!

How do you guys feel about mandatory entries for commenting, posting on Twitter or on your blog... but then also optional entries for people wanting to submit makeup looks? Are any of you up for that?

:) :) So excited. I hope you love the prizes as much as I do!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick update

I don't have much for you right now, but I've been on vacation so that's why there haven't been any posts. I've got some reviews, FOTDs and a giveaway coming up though! I'd like to make it a 160 follower giveaway so just need 5 more! Any help is always appreciated.

See you sooooon! :)

Lame post, but important... EDITED

For now, I've got some items to sell and if any of you ladies are interested, please leave me a comment... I've got a green card application to fund :(

Usual sale statements:
- I do ship internationally, USA and Canada starts at $2.50 and goes up depending on how many items you buy. International is relatively inexpensive and if you buy a lot, I will use a flat rate box
- I only take non CC Paypal payments
- I ask that invoices be paid within 48 hours of being sent to you, if you need longer to transfer money into Paypal, please let me know in advance
- I am horrible at pricing things, so please make me an offer!
- If I have multiple requests for one item, I will handle them one at a time and the item will be auctioned to the highest bidder via PM.

Everything is brand new in box, all purchased from my local Mac counter or from my local CCO. These are mostly backups that I honestly don't think I'll ever use.


- Landscape Green
- Crystallized Purple
- Brash and Bold

- Redhead MSF

Nail polishes:
- Vestral White
- Violet Fire

- Fab Frenzy Superglass
- Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass

- Peachstock (Liberty of London)
- Purple Rite (Style Warriors) SOLD

- Banshee eyeshadow
- Birds and Berries eyeshadow (Liberty of London)
- Minted Eye Kohl (This is the only used item - used once)

- Joie de Vivre SOLD
- Florida
- Optimistic Orange
- Dirty Plum (Liberty of London)

- Moroccan Oil Moisture Renew Shampoo - Brand New
- Moroccan Oil Moisture Renew Conditioner - Used 2-3x

Happy shopping

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I make that Pimm's O'Clock...

Hi guys! I'm RaeRae from Red Lipstick and Black Liner and today I get to play with Wendy's blog!

I decided to do a tutorial celebrating summer in a kind of nostalgic way as it comes to a close... And if you're a  Brit (we all know how Wendy feels about Brits... ) nothing is more summery than Pimm's!

So I've done a look inspired by Pimm's, including all of the classic elements...

Go under the jump for the tutorial...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

OMG I think I duped RBL Scrangie.

More on that later... first, really quickly, my FOTD and outfit of the day.

The makeup isn't particularly special, I just really like the eyeliner. I used Smashbox's Artist pencil eyeliner in Antique Gold and put Mac's Birds and Berries eyeshadow over top. It came out really cool! Like a olivey green blue gold color.

There is a bit of creasing in the closed eye shot as it was taken after I had been running about in 90 degree weather for 6 hours.

Next up, my outfit! I got the top a little while back and hadn't worn it yet. I'm intending to buy a black blazer to go over it, but I wore a cardigan today instead.

The flowered top is from Bebe, the cardigan is from Wet Seal, jeans are Old Navy and the shoes are actually from Payless! lol. Necklace is my mum's, I'm not sure where it's from.

The neat thing about the top is that its a corset...

It's a bit unusual - it doesn't sit against my sides, it flares slightly. I like it, but after wearing it all day, it's a bit misshapen. I may have to get it dry cleaned.



I think I duped RBL Scrangie.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie (you can Google an image, I don't want to steal anyone's) is a coveted color by many polish lovers. I picked up some more clear polish and got to work on a custom color. I wanted to use a certain one, and ended up adding in this, that... and got what I think is pretty darn close.

I used:
- Wet n Wild clear nail polish (poured out about 1/10th of the bottle)
- Fyrinnae Curiouser and Curiouser (about 1/8 teaspoon)
- Fyrinnae Herbivore (about 1/8 teaspoon)
- Fyrinnae Freya (not much, maybe 2 pinches)

This is insanely difficult... near impossible... to photograph. I could probably do okay in sunlight but the sun was setting here and it was not cooperating. When I wear it as a manicure, I will be sure to take outdoor shots. For now, you'll have to live with tons of crappy "close enough" shots. Most are slightly blurred because it was the only way to capture the purple effect indoors.

That's about the best I can do at the moment, sorry guys! I'm really impressed. I can't wait to wear it!