Friday, November 19, 2010

I Have the Best Mum in Law Ever! (Haul + FOTD)

I asked for a couple of bits from my mum in law, as she still obviously lives in England... I wanted a couple of MUA things and more Collection 2000 glitter eyeliners. Why is she awesome? Because I ended up with this:

Holy crapola on a stick, batman! That is a lot of stuff. And oh yes, you see the Sleek Sunset palette lurking in the bottom... how many words can I use to express HOW TOTALLY EXCITED I am to have that thing in my little grubby paws. It's gooooorgeooousss... but that is a post for another day!

She also sent me a green MUA eyeshadow that broke :(. It looked like customs had rifled through the package and when they did, they shoved the little eyeshadow to the side and it got trapped in the corner of the box, thus when someone picked it up... crushed. It's sitting in it's container on my desk all sad... I'll nab a sample jar or something to put it into... I -will- use that eyeshadow, dangit!

She also sent me an odd pair of leopard print leggings. Not sure how I feel about them. I wore them around the house last night and felt like an 80s rock star... I think that makes them a win.

Anyway, onto some quick swatches:

Left to right: MUA e/s Shade 5, Shade 8 and Shade 3
Bottom row: Sleek Flamingo blusher

Hot damn, look at that blush. I love it. I have to use a very light hand but it gives such a pretty, girly glow!

She also got me a whopping 5 glitter eyeliners... my collection is becoming a bit ridiculous but she is still awesome!

Blurred for your glitter viewing pleasure.

Top to bottom: MUA Shade 3, Shade 2, Shade 5, Collection 2000 Spandex and Rock Chick

You saw the MUA Shade 3 in my Sleek Acid #3 look... it's amazing and very unique. I think I had originally asked for Pizazz instead of Spandex but I actually like Spandex better, lol!

These filled a big gap in my glitter liner collection... I didn't really have any golds, blues or greens. Yay!

So I decided to do a FOTD with some of my new goodies on Thursday, it was so nice to be able to have fun with my makeup instead of trying to make it look perfect for a palette review. I definitely did a "fruit loops" look, which was inspired by Pixie A La Mode's "Nurse Joy Was a Whore" Look (which is an awesome fucking name by the way), more the theory of a wearable, colorful look:

- Clinique Redness Solutions base
- Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation, #110
- Maybelline Super Stay concealer "Cream"
- Sleek Flamingo blush
- MeMeMe Moon Beam highlighter
- Mac Espresso eyeshadow (brows)

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Lime Jumbo Pencil
- MUA Shade 5 Eyeshadow (lid)
- MUA Shade 8 Eyeshadow (outer lid)
- MUA Shade 9 Eyeshadow (crease)
- MUA Shade 3 Eyeshadow (above crease)
- Revlon Vintage Lace eyeshadow
- Ulta Teal eyeliner
- Collection 2000 Spandex glitter liner
- Maybelline The Falsies mascara

- Mac Violetta lipstick
- Milani Movie Star gloss


  1. dude, the 4th glitter liner, the green one is so pretty!! i love your eyeshadow look btw. it's soft yet exciting if that makes sense.

  2. Wow, your MIL is amazing indeed :)

  3. Wow, what a great mother in law you have, I'm not surprised you were excited to receive this package, looks like chirstmas. Love the eye makeup the colours are gorgeous xxx

  4. Soooo much awesome... *drool* That neon liner is the COOLEST THING EVER! I love the sunset palette, can't wait to see your looks with it!

    Very pretty EOTD as well :)

  5. aaa! finally the sleek palette! haaa! please share a look i can copy with that (and a tutorial for dorks like me). uh, oh and use red and orange, pretty please, pretty please! :))
    and of course I WILL go to get myself some MUA stuff. Love the silvery eyeshadow. preeetttyyyy

  6. I LOVE Flamingo blush! It's so scary but it's so beautiful. Love the look you did, can't wait to see what you do with the Sunset palette. I forgot about it until I used it on my friend the other day... the gold is insane!

  7. Those colours look so beautiful together! And I want those glittahs! :D

  8. Great haul!

    LOVE your make up look!! Very pretty. x

  9. *drooling*

    that's all I'm gonna say!

  10. Whoa lucky! & I love how you have been shaping your eyebrows lately!! so pretty =]

  11. Those glitter liners are *aweseome*!!! What a great MIL!!! :)