Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hallow's Eve Costume + Makeup

It's not really Halloween but I had a party to go to on the 30th, so the eve of ze hollow.

Both Rob and I dressed up in masquerade costumes... lame, I know! I had so many other ideas and I actually found this perfect Bollywood Dancer costume but we couldn't figure out what the heck Rob could go as!

I only got one or two shots of me with the mask on as I was avoiding wearing it before getting to the party... the feather plume was too tall for me to get into the car with and driving wearing gloves isn't very easy! lol

EDIT: I forgot to add that apparently we masqueraded well, because a bunch of people I know didn't recognize me. Even my own brother! It was crazy. I didn't think we looked that different but it was dark and all.

- Make Up For Ever HD #115
- Maybelline Super Stay concealer "Cream"
- Mac Prism blush (contour)
- Sleek Acid matte purple (on top of contour)
- Sleek Flamingo blush

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- MUA Shade #4 eyeshadow
- MUFE #92 (crease)
- Sleek Acid matte black
- Revlon Vintage Lace eyeshadow
- Urban Decay liner in Zero
- Maybelline The Colossal (waterproof) mascara

- Mac Violetta lipstick
- Mac Perky lipglass

Just as a bonus... a few other Halloween pics :)
Rob and I carved pumpkins :D


  1. awwww, the pumpinks are sooooo cute! :D and i love your makeup!

  2. love the pumpkins!!!
    and i just noticed that rob is massive (as in tall) hahaha :p
    love the mask and i can understand you mean about getting into the car with it on


  3. Love the pumpkin! I didn't do any this year, but last year I did an awesome Darth Vader. :D

    You looked great!

  4. haha love the pumpkin too!! and ur make up ofcourse :D happy hallowen :D

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    @Mandy: He's 6'5, nearly 6'6 and I'm barely 5'1... so yes huge height difference lol and he's just a big person.

  6. You looked so small~!!
    Anyway, lame as it is, I think masquerade costume is pretty classy~ at least you get to be pretty n mysterious (kinda..haha) the whole night! =)
    You seriously have one of the best eyeshadow look ever in blogosphere!=)

  7. love the pumpkins :) you looked beautiful

  8. You looked gorgeous and I love the mask!!!

  9. Love the look! The purple is so pretty :) And the pumpkins are awesome!

  10. Beautiful makeup! Your cheeks look perfectly contoured! And great pumpkins!

  11. Your costume/makeup is gorgeous (as usual) and I'd like to steal your husband (SO TALL), but I think my favorite photo is the one where you look like you're hurling pumpkin guts.

  12. @aisyah: I am very tiny, 5'1 as I said... it was cool to do something classy whereas a lot of girls do the slutty costumes. Not that I haven't done them and not that I don't like them, it was just different!

    @CopyCat: Thank you so much!

    @Robyn: Where are your Halloween photos missy?! (hands on hips) j/k j/k lol

    @Innuhendo: Thanks doll :)

    @The Peach: Thank you! I've never felt good at contouring, so thanks!!

    @thecandiedmango LOL I'm such a retard, we had to retake that shot a few times because I looked like I was actually hurling... :D I love his tallness, thank you! :) :)

  13. Hot, hot, hot!!! ;) I love the pumpkins too!! :)


  14. Wow, you look really pretty, and the mask is fab !

  15. Beautiful look, I love the contouring! And your pumpkins are great, mine didn't turn out half as good as yours did!

  16. Great pics!! :D Love the look! x