Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 Days of e.l.f. #3: Duo Eyeshadow Cream Review

Getting the hang of this yet?

Let's play a game: Guess the price!

I'll leave it to you :-).

I picked these up after seeing a couple of bloggers do posts about them... I'm having fun experimenting with eye shadow bases and I figured for the price, why not?

I picked up Sugar Cookie and Eggplant, which swatch like this:

Sugar Cookie is a gold and a pale pink, similar to Urban Decay's Sin in eyeshadow form. Eggplant is an olive green that swatches an odd shade of olive/taupe and a purple with a pink sheen.

The cream duos are soft, but not too soft, and slightly oily. They are a bit of a weird consistency. Think of NYX's jumbo pencils minus the stickyness. I've used 3 of the 4 shades and experienced no creasing when used over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Eggplant is decently pigmented - the purple will tint your eyelid darker and help when applying dark eyeshadows. I used it to create the Punk Funk look. However, the gold is not very pigmented.

As this is a short review - all in all, if you want one, get one, maybe two, but go for a darker set. The darker colours seem to swatch and perform better.

Wendy's grade... B-.

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  1. They cost... a penny! I was interested in these as bases but if they're not that pigmented I don't think I'll bother.