Friday, November 26, 2010

5 Days of e.l.f. #2: Brightening Eyeshadow Quads Review + Look

I picked up two quads along with the other items I was reviewing -- I wanted to get a "neutral" and a more colourful palette.

I think I had the black/white/grey quad a couple years ago... before I learned about primer, and I used it up without much hesitation. They were decent even without primer.

I picked up Day2Night and Punk Funk. These sell from e.l.f. for a scandulous $1. (I paid 50cents)

Ooooh... Day2Night has my kind of colours! The swatches are dry, no base. Very impressive... the taupe on the end is gorgeous!

This quad swatched a little weakly... except for the pink on the end, what a stunner! I still have to stress that for $1, the quality is insanely impressive. I immediately thought of MUFE #92 when I saw the purple and of course this isn't as pigmented.

The quads are a good mix of textures... satin, sparkle and frost. It seems like the sparkle shades (usually on the far right) swatch the most strongly. These also are the only shades with fallout.

After the fiasco with the bad primer, I wanted to try these out with Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the brand's duo cream eyeshadows (I will post a quick review on those tomorrow)

Here's what I came up with from Punk Funk:

(You will notice my hair back in most FOTDs now... it helps to keep my bangs from ruining the shots =P)

This is reminiscent of my Christina Aguilera look. I liked it -- I paired it with really glowy cheeks. The eyes was TFSI, the purple from the Eggplant cream eyeshadow duo as a base, all 4 of the colours from Punk Funk, the navy blue e.l.f. liquid liner and Max Factor Masterpiece mascara. Cheeks were the Hard Candy Living Doll blush topped with MeMeMe's Moon Beam highlighter... they were ULTRA GLOWY :D. I think I just had Maybelline Pink Please on the lips with a clear gloss over top.

I am going to see Tangled tonight and thus did a look with the Day2Night quad (again). Holy moly the base made a HUGE difference. The colours in this quad are absolutely stunning. The "white" in the pan turned into a lovely white gold on the eyes... I see myself using it a lot in the future.

I am completely shocked at the difference! In the primer review, these colours looked muddy and bland... with a proper primer, they are so nice!

I again used TFSI, the gold cream base from the Sugar Cookie duo (e.l.f. brand) and all 4 colours from the Day2Night quad. I lined with the black/gold shade from the quad and used Max Factor's Masterpiece mascara again (can you tell I'm starting to like it? :D). To add a little sparkle, I used MUA's glitter liner in Shade 2 on the inner corner and on the tips of my eyelashes (which doesn't really show). Cheeks were Sleek's Rose Gold and lips were Maybelline Nearly There with Mac Nymphette gloss over top.

Overall, I am very pleased with these quads... I want more!


  1. Both looks are gorgeous! It just goes to show that fancy packaging and high price tags aren't always better!

  2. That Day-to-Night quad is gorgeous!!! I am going to have to pick one of those up next time I am at Target! Looks great on you! What a pretty finish on those shadows! Just goes to show that you can get good quality for an insanely inexpensive price! What a good find! Love elf!!! :) Love your blog too Wendy! :)

  3. aaah, I bought the punk funk one but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to come up a look as gorgeous as yours..=\

  4. I love both of the looks - soo pretty! the colors are stunning

  5. love both the look...gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  6. I love both looks! My local Dollar Tree has begun carrying these quads.

  7. love the looks and the palettes look great too :) thanks for sharing.

  8. Holy crap, taupe for fifty cents? Woohoo!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @Cosmetics Aficionado: omg really? I'm going to have to see if mine does too!!

  10. I also love those elf eyeshadow quads, I own about all of them but I'm missing day to night - I now so need got it!!

    Good luck with your blog, it's very good
    please check out mine?

  11. Oh I need to start using my Day 2 night palette! I love the colours inside but never got around to using it

  12. i love the metallic taupe shade! i love the look :)