Monday, November 15, 2010

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles: More Mac Dupes?

As you know, Walgreens had a 50% off WetnWild sale semi recently... and here's how I ended up with all of this makeup...

I wandered into Walgreens expecting to buy contact solution and a toothbrush. But what often happens, happened. I found the makeup section... this time noticing that a few of Wet n Wild's products were 50% off. I wasn't sure if this meant that they are about to come out with new items, or if Walgreens had an overstock... it's not like the items were ever overflowing from the displays, honestly. But it could mean new goodies from this brand!

Anyway... one of the items on sale was the single eyeshadows. If you remember, I reviewed their Nutty single for a mere $1.99. These were 99 cents! Less than one dollar! Holy heck, I will take all of them!

Well, not really... I got 3 more:

Envy, Lagoon and Kitten.

For the record, I think Kitten is an interesting name for that shade. It's a gorgeous lavender purple with swirls of gold (which don't transfer) and medium blue... very interesting for the drugstore and probably my favorite of the 3.

Envy is a dark, shimmering green that rivals the likes of Mac Humid... more on that later. I had been looking for a deep green and this is perfect!

Lagoon is the only slight disappointment of the bunch. The color from the pan doesn't translate as well in swatches as a lot of drugstore blues often do. It mellows out but is still a pretty medium, shimmering blue.

Look at the shimmer in Envy! Holy cow... gorgeous!

I did some comparisons to a few Mac eyeshadows. I only have 27 out of their entire range, and that includes a few limited edition colours, so I'm sure their permanent line has some better dupes. I did it for a comparison, mostly.

1st column, top to bottom: Mac Mink & Sable (Starflash), Wet n Wild Envy, Mac Humid
2nd column, top to bottom: Sleek Acid light blue, Wet n Wild Lagoon, Mac Deep Truth
3rd column: top to bottom: Mac Beautiful Iris, Wet n Wild Kitten, Mac Trax

It's really funny how much I love Mac until I see it next to other brands. Bear in mind that these are no base, primer, or anything. Mac looks great over a base but flops without one. (I think that's a sales ploy, to be honest, but anyway...)

For the 1st column, I feel like Envy is Humid's brighter and more vibrant older brother. Love it! Mink & Sable was just for comparison... it's much more brown toned.

2nd column, these were all for comparison. I don't have anything that is a comparable dupe for Lagoon.

In the 3rd column, Kitten looked much less like Trax than I realized when I put them side by side. The only thing they share is gold shimmer. Trax has much more of a plum base. Beautiful Iris is the same idea, just lighter and lacking the vibrancy.

I haven't used these in a look but that is upcoming and I will of course post the results for you guys :)

What did you all get up to this weekend? Stay tuned for the Sugar Plum Fairy palette review and FOTD (will post at noon!)


  1. I have all of them, my favorite is the green. Thanks for the post

  2. Love the green! Never seen a drugstore green that pretty!

  3. Great post! I thought of Humid too.

  4. There are some great colors here, thanks for sharing