Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fyrinnae Haul!

I recorded a video, and it's too long!
Grrrrr, if anyone wants to see it, tell me... I'll edit it and get it up. Not gonna go through the trouble if no one cares. It was a Morgana Minerals/Fyrinnae video.

Eyeshadow Samples:
Top (L to R): Herbivore, Archmage, Dragonmagic
Middle (L to R): Chaotic Evil, Curiouser and Curiouser, Electro-Koi
Bottom (L to R): Candy Coated, Gryffonrider, Freya
Lip Lustre (very bottom): Romantique

Herbivore is a lilac with green and teal sparkle.
Archmage is a sage green that is sometimes gray w/ silver sparkle
Dragonmagic is a dark green with emerald green sparkle
Chaotic Evil is a cool brightened pink with silver sparkle
Curiouser and Curiouser is a mid-toned blue with teal sparkle
Electro-Koi is a pastel orange with gold sparkle
Candy Coated is a brown-red with pink sparkle
Gryffonrider is a metallic gold with blueish sparkle
Freya is a dark metallic purple with mid-toned purple flash
Romantique is a pink gold gloss, very opaque

I can't really pick a favorite tbh! They're all so lovely. Dragonmagic is everything I want Mac's Humid to be when I use it. The gloss is Mac's Nymphette on crack!

I also picked up a full size Pixie Epoxy. I haven't used any of these except to swatch, and when I do a FOTD with them, I will talk about them as I use them. I am really looking forward to it -- they're so beautiful and sparkly!

Don't forget -- my giveaway closes tonight at midnight! I will be picking the winner tomorrow afternoon so the winner post will be up by the end of the day tomorrow.

Welcome to all of my new followers and thanks for keeping up with me! I really appreciate it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh My Goff!

So I took the suggestion of the lovely Liloo and did a red and purple look. It started to turn goth very, very quickly... so I just ran with it.

- Mac Studio Fix Powder - NC20
- Sleek Acid dark purple (contour)
- Sleek Acid hot pink (blush)
- Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20
- Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20

- Sleek Bohemian purple/brown (brows)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Great Lash (clear for brows)
- BFTE Addicted
- Urban Decay Random
- Urban Decay Zero
- Ben Nye Ice
- Urban Decay Fishnet
- Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
- Maybelline Ultra liquid liner
- NYX Jumbo Pencil, Milk
- Prestige lip liner, Red Brick (base for eyes)

- Don't remember the liner
- Morgana Minerals Lillian
- Mac Up the Amp

Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Gold FOTD

Yeah... so funny story about this. I was using a glitter liner to top this off, and my smart self blinked in the middle of applying, and the applicator went directly into my eye. I should have taken a photo -- I had glitter eyeballs. So that explains the remnants in the corners of my eyes!

I'm not that pleased with this one -- I need to be able to have more time to plan out my colors in the mornings. Had I had more time, I probably would have put down a gold eyeliner base to make the gold stand out more as gold HATES ME.

- Cover Girl tinted moisturizer
- Mac MSF in Gold Deposit
- Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20
- Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20

- Mac e/s Brown Down (brows)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Great Lash (clear for brows)
- Ben Nye Gold e/s
- Urban Decay Free Love e/s
- Mac Woodwinked e/s
- Mac Beautiful Iris e/s
- MUFE #92
- Collection 2000 glitter liner in Shake It Up
- Smashbox artist eyeliner in Antique Gold
- Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions mascara

- Milani Orangina lipstick
- Tarte Juliet lipgloss, darker end

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh Supernova Mascara review

Technically it's the mini 2-pack review... my 3rd YouTube video!

Today was a no makeup day... congrats for seeing that XD

Drumroll... giveaway! (CLOSED)

*EDIT* This giveaway is closed! Thanks to all who entered... the winner will be posted by 8:00PM EST!

To celebrate my 50 followers, which is now 60, I'm holding a giveaway! It will be open internationally.
The giveaway will close at midnight (EST) on June 30, 2010 and the winner will be chosen randomnly (duh) through

Here's what you're up to win:

- Wet n Wild lipstick #547B, one of my all-time favorites
- Milani blush in Luminous, the famous Orgasm dupe
- Kiss nail art stickers, it's little skulls and swirly bits
- Milani liquid liner in Infinite
- NYX gloss in Chandelier, again one of my favorites
- NYX jumbo pencil in Milk, an essential
- Sinful Colors nail polish in Frenzy and See You Soon
- Ulta nail polish in Cupcake

Rules of the contest are as follows:
1) Following this blog / commenting as in #4 = 1 entry gained
2) Posting about this giveaway on your own blog. You are welcome to link the product picture if you like. = Additional entry
3) Tweeting (on Twitter) about this giveaway with a link to here, or post it anywhere else on the internet (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) but please show me that you've done so... You can tweet it to me at CydonianMU and screen cap anything else. = 1 additional entry for each posting
4) Answer the question in your comment: What is your favorite eyeshadow combination ever? (I don't mean just a color, I mean brand and color name)

Please comment on this post and leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win :)

Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see the answers!


Monday, June 21, 2010


Welcome to my new followers! I reached my goal of 50 followers so I will be doing a giveaway. I'm going to be getting the stuff in the next few days... is there anything in particular you ladies are interested in that maybe you don't have access to? It will be open internationally and I know a lot of you are Europe based.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teehee! I won an award.

A blog award!

So the rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you - Thank you Jasmine! (thhjasmine)!! :-}
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things which you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

3 things I love about myself (this is so hard to think of... lol):

1. Ability to help other people (I often try and give advice when people need it)

2. Cheekbones? (I've been complimented a lot on them, I guess I like them XD)

3. Is this technically about myself? I dunno... my boyfriend :D. He's only the most amazing person I've ever met. I guess that counts.

A picture I love:

Because I'm a NERDDDD.

5 people I'm giving this award to:
1) Robyn @ Stay Beautiful
2) RaeRae @ Red Lipstick and Black Liner
3) Lillian @ Funny Face's Place
4) Nina @ Meow Misu Makeup
5) Jesse @ WickedxLovely

Yaaay! Thanks again, Jasmine :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy Neon, Batman!

This was bright, holy cow.
I actually had to wash my face and start all over again -- I started with a dark green cut crease and screwed up the liner horribly. I may retry tomorrow with a green and dark purple look.

Liked how this came out -- it looked smokey somehow even though it was SO neon.
I also had little inspiration for the lips -- I wiped off two different combos before picking out Thrills l/s.

- Mac Studio Fix powder, NC20
- Mac blush in Prism
- Mac blush in Prim and Proper
- Mac MSF in Gold Deposit
- Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20
- Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20

- Mac e/s Brown Down (brows)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Great Lash (clear for brows)
- NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
- Sleek Acid neon orange
- Sleek Acid neon yellow
- Sleek Acid neon green
- Mac Humid e/s
- Ben Nye Ice e/s
- Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara
- Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
- Collection 2000 glitter liner in Dancing Queen

- Mac Thrills lipstick
- Mac Nymphette lipglass

Giveaway... potentially

I will be doing a giveaway at 50 followers!
Come on... 4 more... 4 more...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick Purples FOTD

Do you guys like the new layout? The bf made the banner. The little turtle on the right wasn't supposed to be cut off, but Blogger did that to it and I think it's kinda cute :3 Anyway!

I was in a discussion with talkingtrash / Pigments and Pearls (she's got a blog, clicky!) about Beautiful Iris, Trax and GlamourCheck! all together. I decided to re-do the look this morning with some small changes.

I don't know... it needs something. I wish I had put my Collection 2000 purple glitter liner over top. Maybe that's what it's missing.

Sorry for the lack of closeups -- my eyes are really bleh looking today and I didn't like how any of them came out!

- Mac Studio Fix powder, NC20
- Maybelline blush in Potpourri
- Mac MSF in Petticoat
- Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20
- Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20

- Mac e/s Brown Down (brows)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Great Lash (clear for brows)
- NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
- Mac e/s Beautiful Iris
- Mac e/s Trax
- Sleek Acid dark purple
- Mac e/s GlamourCheck!
- Urban Decay e/s Aquarius
- Sleek Acid matte black used as liner

- Mac Viva Glam Gaga
- Mac Extra Amps dazzleglass

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tag: My favorite shoes and bags

Robyn tagged me, so you know, I just had to. I will warn you: this is a very pic heavy post. What can I say? I love me some shoes.

Got these for $9. Yep. There's a local coat store that also sells shoes and bags, which is where most of my shoes came from! lol

These were from my "I can't buy another pair of black heels" phase. They're quite cute, but god awfully uncomfortable lol!

The bits on these are actually purple, not blue. I wore the heck out of these when I first got them and now they're a bit floppy in the back. I also am wary of them because they cut the back of my foot completely open last summer while I was clubbing in the UK.

These are probably, by far, the hottest pair of shoes I own. Bit of a story: I saw them online for some insane amount of money. Wandered up to the aforementioned discount store... $15. Same shoes. Nothing is wrong with them, lol. I would wear them more but I don't want to mess them up! lol

You will usually see me wear these on a Thursday or Friday, after I've been wearing totally trashy shoes all week. Love the plaidness.

Love these too!

These are Carlos Santana, actually -- and probably the only style I've ever liked from him. You can't see it, but the heel is bright metallic silver. So HOT.

God, you can see how much of a fat foot I have. Is there anyway to lose weight in your feet? lmao. Nah, I just have wide ones. These are super comfy and are my lazy day shoes for work.

Loved these so much that I bought a 2nd pair this year to replace last year's, and bought them in black.

Recent addition... I didn't think I'd wear them as much as I do! Love the print.

Probably the coolest pair of sneakers I own. Chucks ftw! I wore these a lot when I was a manager at a teen footwear store. Now... not so much. They just don't match how I have to dress most of the time.

Still with me? Hang in there, we've still got bags to go!

My current bag. Loooove the little studs. Got it for super cheap and it's so stretchy and roomy.

Another bag I get a lot of use out of. It's darker in real life.

My prized bag. So prized that I don't use it. I used to... and then I put too much in it (it's massive) and some of the silk on the inside began to tear from the straps. :(

My hot date bag XD.

Usually use this just for quick runs, it's quite tiny but I love the print.

I have to give you some kind of FOTD, don't I? Of couuuurse.
I was gonna go for a jog when I got home and I get out of work to see that downtown is FLOODED and it is torrentially downpouring. I ended up like this just going from my car to inside my house (10 feet, maybe?) and I had to make the goofiest face possible:

Awesome Giveaway!

The lovely Robyn at Stay Beautiful is having a 50 followers giveaway, go check it out!
She is giving away a load of goodies - including UK exclusives (and the giveaway is open worldwide!)

Giveaway (clicky)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lipstick Collection Swatches and... new hair!

I did my 100th post and didn't even notice. Well, happy 101st (hahahahaha, I typed "th" on the end of that at first) post to me!
I will also maybe be doing a giveaway soon. I'm just not sure what to use for it, lol.

I decided to swatch my small lipstick collection, as I wanted to see what I'm lacking in terms of color and finish, and also because I know you people love makeup porn, you dirty, dirty girls.

Here goes!

Mac Creme d'Nude - A lovely nude, it's probably my favorite of my collection.
Wet n Wild 547B - Another good nude, a bit on the frosty side
GOSH Darling - I need to wear this more, I will try RaeRae's method of using a pink liner
Mac Viva Glam Gaga - <3. That is all.

Wet n Wild 502A - Thought this was a dupe for Sandy B (next door). Obviously not.
Mac Sandy B - Lovely color, albeit a bit frosty.
Rimmel Crush - This is more orange in real life. I need to work on pulling this off.
Body Shop #11 (Plum) - Got it for free, and don't wear it much to be honest.

Rimmel Airy Fairy - It's okay, it looks better on my skin than my lips. I like the formula.
Maybelline Pink Please - A good "I don't know what to do on my lips" color, goes with anything.
Wet n Wild 511B - Can you see that I have a fair amount of these? lol. I think this was for my Gaga costume.
Wet n Wild 521A - Wanted it to be a dupe for Show Orchid... not really. Still a nice color.

Mac Up the Amp - Favorite color. Ever. EVER. This is pure love in a tube.
Mac Thrills - Completely different in real life. Very, very pretty bronzey pink.
Cover Girl Fire Shine - My "red but not red" color. I need to get Viva Glam Cyndi =P
NYX Chaos - My red. MY red. :) It's so beautiful.
(Bottom) Milani Orangina (spelling?) - Got this on a whim. Love the formula on these... There was a lilac color with gold sparkle that I will go back and get as soon as I get off my lazy butt and trek to CVS.

I just realized I didn't include my Morgana Minerals samples, or the 1 Clinique lipstick I have. D'oh.

So, what do you think? What are your favorites from my collection? In fact, what are your favorites ever? Would love to hear!

Last bit, my new hair (it looks so much better in person, and excuse the bags under the eyes and lack of lip color :3 )

It has SO much more shape and movement now. I love it! Gotta get used to the short bangs. I think she intentionally cut them that short so that I would be prepared for when I do my fringe in the fall :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soda Challenge Entry

Did this after Crush Strawberry:

Love this! I'm actually quite proud of it.

Never have I ever used SO many lip products. Geeeez. Also, if you blow up the pictures, you can see the detail a bit more.

- Mac Studio Fix powder, NC20
- CoverGirl tinted moisturizer (fair to light)
- Mac blush in Prism (contour)
- Darker pink from Sleek Acid (above contour)
- Mac MSF in Petticoat over top
- Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20
- Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20

- Sleek Bohemian dark brown
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Great Lash (clear for brows)
- NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
- Sleek Acid dark pink (upper left)
- Mac e/s Beautiful Iris
- MUFE #92
- Ben Nye Ice e/s
- Mac eyeliner Minted
- BFTE Green Apple mineral shadow
- Ulta gold eyeliner
- BFTE Lemon mineral shadow
- Maybelline Ultra Liner liquid liner
- Fresh Supernova mascara

- Prestige lipliner Red Brick
- NYX lipstick Chaos
- Wet n Wild lipstick 511B
- Morgana Minerals Lovely Lavender loose glitter
- Morgana Minerals Marigold loose glitter
- Mac Funtabulous dazzleglass

Just for fun, I was experimenting with lips and came out with this monstrosity, which I will perfect and wear to goth night:

That's all for today!