Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 Days of E.l.f. #4: Single/Duo Eyeshadow and Mineral Eyeshadow Review

More e.l.f. items, yay!

I picked up the Olive eyeshadow duo, the single eyeshadow in Mystic Moss and the mineral eyeshadow in Royal.

First off, swatches:

I will start off by saying that Mystic Moss is a bit of a misleading name, at least to me anyway. When I think of moss, I think of a deep, rich grey green. This colour leans more grey than green... but it's still pretty.

The light green in the duo is a bit powdery but an interesting colour; the darker shade is close to Mac Sumptuous Olive.

The mineral eyeshadow applies very smoothly and is a lovely blue-purple with microshimmer. Very nice.

Overall, I prefer the texture of the quad eyeshadows over the singles and the duos. I feel like the duos lack a bit of pigmentation and the single is a bit chalky. The mineral eyeshadow is fantastic.

I will give credit to the packaging -- the duo, along with the duo cream shadow, has a little screw off lid. Quite cute. Also, the single is packaged much like NARS' packaging. Clever.

Defintiely worth purchasing if you see a colour combo that suits your fancy. The single and mineral eyeshadows are $3 and the duos are $2.

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  1. I love that mineral shadow!! - i have Seductive and I love it! :-)