Friday, November 19, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Morgana Cryptoria **CLOSED**

**This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!!**

I am very, very excited to announce that Melissa from Morgana Cryptoria has offered to sponsor a giveaway on my blog! This was the big news that I had but was keeping secret :3

Anyway... the giveaway is pretty simple. No purchase is necessary... it's just for all of you guys being -awesome-!

She is giving away two full size eyeshadows and a lipstick of your choice! The giveaway is open internationally and starts today, Friday November 19 and will end at midnight EST on December 3.

To enter, you must:
1) Be a follower of my blog through Google Friend Connect.
2) Leave a comment on this entry telling what you would pick out if you won the giveaway!
These in combination will gain you 1 entry. Easy, right?

For additional entries, you can:
1) Add me to your blogroll for 2 extra entries (if I'm already on there, state that and I will count you accordingly)
2) Blog about this giveaway on your own page for 3 extra entries. Blogs made solely for giveaways will not be counted.
3) You may tweet about this giveaway one time and gain 2 extra entries. Please follow me (CydonianMU) and @ me on the tweet as well!

I have to thank Melissa for hosting this giveaway... it's so generous! I am excited for you guys to have the opportunity to try her products. If you want more information on her products, I have my original review and a FOTD with them:


Morgana Cryptoria Eyeshadows:

For lipstick, I highly recommend Shrieking Violet if you're into purples... it's absolutely gorgeous! Also Coraline's Kiss if you like coral pinks.

For eyeshadows, Bloody Mary is a perfect vibrant red, Coraline is a lovely coral shade and some of their loose eye glitters are fantastically glittery!

I will pick the winner through good luck!!


  1. damn I forgot to state my blog link, so that you can check my blogroll lol ! here it is :


  2. I want so many eyeshadows from Morgana, but I haven't got to place an order yet for some reason...
    I think I'd go for Alexandria and Beowulf. But then I'll probably change my mind in 5 minutes...
    As for the lipstick I'd have the 24 carat pumpkin to replace the one Tianne had which was stolen with her purse when some scummers broke into her car :(
    I am going to retweet about your giveaway right away, and am going to put your giveaway on my blog as well :)

    Thanks to you and Melissa for the giveaway :)
    Lorraine x
    Martiandelights at

  3. Hey there, missy (lady)! :P
    I am a follower and I'd love to get my hands on Azalea (lipstick) and the Broomstick and Harbinger eyeshadows :P

  4. Here's the blogspot on this giveaway:

  5. TOO MUCH CHOICE! Ok.... Transylvania Twist and Grog Blossom for eyes, Blood for lips.

    Awesome giveway hon!

  6. Oh jeez I'm having a hard time picking out which lipstick I'd want. Pumpkin Eater or Absinthe... oh gosh cotton candy is gorgeous too. For the eye shadows I'd go after Anubis and All Halos-Gleam, they are both so freaking beautiful.
    I'll be tweeting this soon. :D

  7. Enter me please! I'm Bec and I follow your blog via GFC.

    My choices:
    Eyeshadows: Cryptic and Pharoah's Curse
    Lipstick: Azalea Blue

    Added you in my blog roll:

    Followed you on twitter (@wednesdei) and tweeted about your giveaway:!/wednesdei/status/6305202667790336


  8. I'd choose Isis & Aspbite from the Cleopatra Collection and Absinthe lipstick.
    I'm pretty sure I retweeted about the give away (MzStaceyD)
    And you're on my blogroll
    Hopefully should be updating my blog finialy this week... but knowing me more poor blog will continue to be neglected.

  9. ohhh! Enter me please! <3

    Would love Azalea Blue for lipstick and Port Royale for eyeshadow. they look pretty <3

  10. I have to admit I have a LOT of Morgana lipsticks, hehe... the one I don't have that I want to try is Rosy Plum. I can't wait for the pastel collection to be unveilled though, it's going to be amazing!

    Eyeshadows... um... well there's lots I want to try, but I have samples of Sinister and Twinkling Cherraine and I LOVE them both, so full-sizes would be awesome. I'm hoping to place (another) order soon.

    I'm following! And I tweeted:

    And I mentioned the giveaway on my blog, right before a giant haul/swatch post so hopefully you'll get some traffic :) Linky:

    You can email me at the.jade.carver (at) gmail (dot) com.

  11. I follow your blog!

    I would chose Shrieking Violet lipstick, and Alchemy and Beowolf eyeshadows. :)

    You're on my blogroll here:


  12. i follow you as anshita
    for lipstick azalea
    for eyeshadow blackspot
    anshitajuneja at gmail dot com

  13. hello! i am already a follower here via GFC and on twitter! I tweeted:!/elenh_/status/7432240111816704

    I love the cotton candy lipstick! and as for the eyeshadows I like the Pyramid Scheme eyeshadow and the LE#4!

  14. Oops, forgot! Also added you to my blogroll!

  15. Hi Wendy! Please enter me in your giveaway! I follow you here and on twitter! :) I would love to win the shadows Pyramid Scheme and Anubis from the Cleopatra collection and I would love to go with your recomendation for Shrieking Violet for the lipstick! :)

    I just added you to my blogroll, will tweet the giveaway, and did a blog post about this giveaway! :)

    Thanks for entering me! You have a great blog here!!! :)

  16. Ohhh enter me please ♥

    I really like your blog, its amazing - I made a sidebar gadget and I am following you through GFC - liquoredonlacquer

    you can check out the sidebar at

    If i win i'd loveeee Zombie Ambrosia and Ectoplasm and for the lipstick Azalea

    thanks ♥

  17. I meant Coraline's kiss! Sorry :(

  18. Hi! Thank you for this great giveaway! I've been following you as Cheryl on GFC, and my email is cherylcherylcheryl(at)gmail(dot)com.

    If I won I would choose Anubis and Senet for the eyeshadows, and Peach Daiquiri for the lipstick!

    I'm following you as ch3ryl89 on twitter and I tweeted about this here:!/ch3ryl89/status/8345434514784256

    Thanks again!

  19. I don't have anything from Morgana but I sure want to! How to choose just two?? I guess hmm... 24k Pumpkin for lippie and Walk the Plank and Grog Blossom from the Pirates collection.

    Should be following through GFC (added you through Blogger) and my email is demonayres-at-juno-dot-com. Thanks and Cheers!

  20. hello! enter me please
    +1 already a follower through GFC
    +1 If I won I would choose for the lipstick shrieking violet & for the e/s senet & actium from the Cleopatra collection
    +2 you're already in my blog roll :)


  21. Freaking love the swatches you showed on your review.
    -GFC follower
    -If I won I'd pick Shrieking Violet or Absinthe for the lipstick, and the eyeshadows would be Brew Ha Ha and Chivalry.
    -You're in my blogroll, laydeh!(

  22. Hi! Please enter me!
    I don't own anything by Morgana Cryptoria and I'd love to try Harbinger and Underworld eyeshadows and Peach daiquiri lipstick.
    I'm a follower trough GFC :)

    lunasgrises (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Please enter me in this giveaway. :) I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect. I'd choose Sinister eyeshadow from Halloween 2009, Zombie Tramp from the 2010 Haunted Eyes collection, and Peach Daiquiri lipstick. I have never tried Morgana Cryptoria, though the descriptions sound gorgeous.

    I'm tweeted about this giveaway (@ChenchillaxChop)!/ChenchillaxChop/status/10145255500283904

    ririlovesyou at gmail dot com

    Thanks! :)

  24. I'm following!

    I would get Shrieking orange lipstick and chartreuse and guinevere eyeshadows

    daisypack at hotmail dot com

  25. For anyone looking at this post after the giveaway has closed, I have had to remove anyone who put down their actual email instead of using someone at yahoo dot com, for example. I apparently have a bot watching this blog who is spamming my followers. Any entry I received was counted prior to the contest closing. Thanks.