Monday, December 20, 2010

UK CP Haul, Other Purchases and Return Dilemma

I'm gonna dive into what you guys probably clicked this post for... Accessorize/MeMeMe/Barry M haul!

My lovely friend Chloe was nice enough to do a CP for me, so when the items arrived, I eagerly ripped into them!

This is Barry M Antique Gold (I think) and Palest Lavender lip paint(LP129). I say I think it is Antique Gold because I am confused. The packaging said Fine Glitter Dust, but if I look at the list of Fine Glitter Dusts, nothing that looks like this is on there... lol! So I'm not 100% sure, it may be a dazzledust. Even so, it's a nice colour. I was hoping Palest Lavender would be more purple, but this may be a good dupe for Viva Glam Gaga for any UK ladies that can't afford Mac. Will do comparisons soon.

Just some pics of the Accessorize items (how gorgeous are the marbleized items?). The top row is the marbleized eyeshadow in Golden Caramel, the "merged blusher" in Pretty Pink, and pressed eyeshadow in Acid Lime. I was expecting Golden Caramel to be a little darker, but it seems close to Urban Decay Sin so that is a possible dupe there. Then again, I've said that before about Sin and was dead wrong... anyway, Pretty Pink is absolutely gorgeous. I think it's a good substitute for Hard Candy's Living Doll. Living Doll has a darker pink base but the glow it imparts on fair skin is quite similar. Last, the Acid Lime eyeshadow is awesome! I love it.

The bottom two swatches are their eye dusts in Orange and Gold. Orange is pretty standard -- but Gold is FANTASTIC. It is so perfect over NYX's Pure Gold jumbo pencil. The pencil is a bit orangey so it tones down the super antiqued effect of the eye dust, and you get an amazing foiled gold. I have wanted a gold like this for ages and am excited I found it! Excuse the terrible swatch.

She picked up the new MeMeMe baked quads for me... they were on 3 for 2, I originally only wanted 2 but 3 works as well, lol! I have to say that I am little disappointed in these. They did not swatch very well. I haven't had a chance to test them over a primer yet so we will see... I got Electric Eyes (the one with the yellow), Ocean Eyes (green set) and Goddess Eyes (brown set). Looking at the other options, I wish I had gone with Drama Eyes and Fire Eyes... but I will play with these and see what I can do. Here are swatch pics:

As for other purchases, I've picked up a few bits here and there... notably, Wet n Wild went on sale for 40% off at Rite Aid so I nabbed Pride and Lust, which I've been eyeing ever since PinkboxMakeup did her swatches and FOTDs on them. I also picked up a couple of bits from Cherry Culture since I bought some gift items from them (free shipping ftw)... including a new lip product from NYX that seems really good so far (review to come). I'll be doing further reviews on some of these items in the coming weeks.

Items pictured:
- LA Splash nail polish in Golden Coral (seems kinda crappy, we'll see)
- Milani Liquif'eye liner in Aqua (omg, gorgeous)
- Milani HD Advanced Concealer in 01 Light (good so far)
- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo
- NYX blushes in Desert Rose and Terracotta
- Milani lipstick in Grape-tini (smells like grape bubblegum, nom nom)
- Wet n Wild palettes in Pride and Lust
- LA Colors palettes in Devious and Lollipop (found these at a random clothing store for $1.50... figured why not?)
- Urban Decay All Nighter spray sample
- NYX jumbo pencil in Horseradish
- NYX eyeshadows in Antique Gold, Wildfire and Red Bean Pie (all seem pretty so far)

Are there any reviews you guys would really like to see from that list? Let me know!

Last thing... I need your help with something. I purchased a corset blazer from Macy's online and I've gotten it, and I'm not sure if I like it. It's cute... the style of it, but I thought it was a solid, taupe like color. Turns out it's like... plaid. Kind of an old lady plaid. I'm also not sure if it is very flattering. The brand ran small so I ordered a Medium, and that means the arms are insanely long. I'd have to get them tailored, and a button on the sleeve removed, which will cost probably $15-$20. Is it worth it? I would really appreciate your opinions! Here are pics:


  1. WOW. great haul :) all things look great. Love the corset blazer you got :)

  2. Nice haul! I'm loving how Superdrug have 3 for 2 across all cosmetics atm :) As for the jacket, I think it's cute. I've no idea how anyone could charge $15 - $20 to shorten sleeves, either! It literally takes five minutes. If you're unsure, sell it, better than hanging on to it.

  3. I have the WnW palette in Lust and it's stunning! And that jacket is gorgeous!

  4. don't kill me, please, but you are a bit right about the jacket, it is just a bit oldish. :-S i come in peace though ;;)

  5. I love the blazer, the corset thingie in combination with the fabric is very unexpected, that's what i like about it.
    You're gonna love the WnW palettes, i know I do!

  6. I LOVE the blazer!!! You just have to make sure whatever you're wearing underneath is a bit sexy :)

  7. Hi! can you post your comments regarding the NYX soft matte lipstick? I would love to hear it. thanks :) btw, that jacket is really pretty :))

  8. The jacket should be a keeper for you. And I agree with Robyn - find a pretty lacy camisole for it.

  9. Wow! Great hauls!!! I just picked up WNW Lust and Envy palettes too! So far I am in love with Lust (ok, lol at that phrase taken literally! ;) have fun playing with your new makeup Wendy!!!

  10. I really like the jacket, very Vivienne Westwood.

    I'm very curious about the NYX lip creams, I'm planning to get at least one to try out the next time I order from Cherry Culture. I'd like to hear your thoughts, if it's a good product maybe I'll get more than 1.... there were several shades I liked.

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