Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WetnWild Golden Goddess Holiday Palette Review + Look

Pfew, we are cranking through these reviews aren't we?

Today I have the last of my WetnWild Holiday palettes review... this one is the lovely Golden Goddess palette:

This palette just screams fall, cold weather, Thanksgiving, cinnamon, apple pie... lol! It reminds me of all of these things, the shades are absolutely gorgeous!

I am surprised that this is my favorite of the 3 palettes I purchased. I don't normally lean towards warm colours like this but something just draws me in.

But how do they swatch? Let's take a look:

Top row (left to right): Pale shimmering gold, bronzey glittery gold, fiery soft orange
Bottom row (left to right: medium coral with gold shimmer, strong foiled amber, dark sparkling brown (slight purple lean)

The eyeliner is a brown with gold sparkle, very lovely. Similar to Mac Lord It Up (the formula is completely different but if someone really wanted the colour of LIU, this is perfect)

The colours in this palette are rather hard to describe... they are quite unique so I find it hard to come up with proper colour words!

The pale gold is almost identical to Mac Creme de Miel from what I can tell, but I don't have Creme de Miel to compare. I do have two others to compare... the "strong foiled amber" and the "fiery soft orange" to Mac Amber Lights and Mac Firespot, respectively:

The WetnWild swatches are on the left, and Mac on the right. The WetnWild version of Amber Lights is spot on, wow! I couldn't tell the difference in person and I love me some Amber Lights. The textures are even very, very similar.

On the Firespot comparison, the WetnWild has a darker base and Firespot itself is a little more sheer. Firespot is a bit chunkier and chalkier while the WNW is a lot smoother. I would consider them different enough to own both -- Firespot is lighter and the WNW is more of a burnt orange with the same goldish effect.

The look I came up with from this palette is my favorite of the 3 looks, and probably one of my favorites that I've done recently! The lip is much less orange than in the photos... I don't know what is going on with my colour settings.

Notice anything about the photos? Yeah... I didn't have mascara on. I was trying a weird lash tinting technique I heard about. It obviously failed.

- Clinique Redness Solutions base
- Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation, #110
- Maybelline Super Stay concealer "Cream"
- Sleek Rose Gold blush
- Mac Espresso eyeshadow (brows)

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Wet n Wild Golden Goddess palette - all 6 colours and eyeliner

- CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Kiss (review coming... brand new! Teehee!)
- NYX Chestnut gloss


  1. The palette looks great. Love the look. :) its gorgeous

  2. I swear I saw a celeb doing the same look as this (brown-golden) eyes and like it! XD
    You should be Wet n Wild ambassador since you made them look so good! =)

  3. Wow I love browns and golds on you. They make your brownish eyes appear olive green. (Unless I'm dumb and they are actually green.) I like the way you are doing your eyebrows as well. the shape really suits your face. Bah, you're just so pretty!

  4. This palette looks great! Love the look you did with it! Out of all the WnW holiday palettes, this was really didn't interest me much. But you may have changed my mind!

  5. Thanks everyone! You guys have been such lovely support <3

    @Pixie They are brown, just with some strong green hints occasionally :)

  6. I loooooove that EOTD! Scrummy! You look gorgeous.

    I wonder if that's the same AL dupe as in the duo you sent me? Because if it is it's bloody close!

  7. Beautiful!!! Love these shadows on you!!! So far, I have passed up this, I might run over to Walgreens to see if they still have it. I passed on it because I am more cool toned, but seeing the swatches, I think it will work on me! :) Thanks for the great review!!!