Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morgana Minerals look + FAIL

I'll show you the "win" first. I wanted to do a MM look because Melissa is creating a photo album for people to post their looks in. I took out my items and ran at it full on... and ended up with a rainbow look :3 I had seen an ad on the television for those rainbow sherbets and this reminded me of them! lol

I will admit that this was hard to photograph. My camera kept red eye correcting the pink so I took numerous shots and got a few that weren't blurred out. Also, the light green is more blended than it shows on camera... (well, it was, makeup is removed now)

I used all Morgana eyeshadows: Coraline, Druscilla's Sister, Ectoplasm, Chameleon Sky, Transylvania Twist, Glitter Ghoul (liner) and Copper Plum glitter over the liner
Lips: Watermelon lipstick

So, now for the fail.

I cannot do smokey eyes to save my life. I had the idea to do a black/purple/orange glitter eye, and it was going great until the Black Bean NYX jumbo pencil began to crease and separate on me... I sort of fixed it, but then I applied a little lash glue to my lid to attach the glitter, and everything went to hell. Apparently my tube of lash glue was bad. It started eating throug the eyeshadow and burning my skin. Oh yes.

Oh well, the eyes looked like crap anyway. You can see my idea but I just can't get dark colours to blend over that jumbo pencil. What am I doing wrong?

Funny faces, here you go:

Those are my nakey eyebrows, btw. Aren't they bad? Yeah... Anyway, this was using Glitter Ghoul, Transylvania Twist in the crease, and Orange glitter over top. Cool idea. Shitty execution. I give up on dark eyes.


  1. hehe cute pose on ur funny face xD hehe

  2. the first look RULES, it's not something i'd have ever thought to do. i think i might copy the placement and use different colors. also, don't give up on dark eyes, just practice! i recently posted 2 dark looks using morgana cryptoria stuff and it was really intimidating. also, they took FOREVER. like an hour. blending dark matte shadows takes skill.

  3. I love the first look, it reminds me of rainbow sherbet. =)

  4. I HATE Black Bean! It doesn't work for me either *grump* Do you want me to send you my black Aquacolor? I have a spare one now I have the palettes....

    Also, me loooove the first look. Gah, I can't afford a morgana order!

  5. the first look rocks! I can't sport a smokey eye without looking like i've been punched either..U_U
    Anyway, why do I feel like you're getting prettier lately? hehe..

  6. @Robyn: If you're willing to spare it, sure! I honestly am wary of trying that type of look again though, also the cleanup was outrageous!! I had black all over my hands. lol, I suck.

    @aisyah: Thank you, that is so sweet!! Maybe it's marital bliss? ;-)

  7. The black kryolan is much better as base than black bean - do you find BB really sticky and hard to blend out on the lid before you apply your shadow, and then shadow won't blend properly over it? The aquacolours aren't sticky at all. So if you want to try, I can spare it - there's no way in hell I'll make a dent in the small one in the palette so I don't need the big one!

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