Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sleek Circus Palette: Review and Swatches

Sorry to bombard you guys with posts, but I'm trying to get this stuff done while it's on my mind!

I got my Sleek Circus palette from Robyn on Wednesday and was excited to get swatching!

Their shades are unnamed -- I swatched them top row first, then second row.
Top, starting at far left is a matte pinkish red, a mid toned grape purple, a matte pale pink, a matte white, a butter yellow and a matte fuschia.
Bottom is a standard matte black, pale matte lilac, shimmering chartreuse, matte aqua blue, sparkling dark blue, and a matte orange

The order is pretty self explanatory.

Overall, I like the palette but I will admit that I think a lot of these colors will take some work. I think Sleek aimed at braver girls when creating this palette, and mattes are typically hard to work with. I will admit that these mattes are better than what I've swatched in the past. I think they will work best over a white base, as in the Acid palette. This palette leans towards pink and purple shades -- so for those who don't care for them, this palette is definitely not recommended. But honestly, for 6 quid, who can pass it up? Sleek makes great, affordable palettes. I look forward to some FOTDs with this!

EDIT: omg, I did my FOTD today with this palette after swatching... (faints). I am in love. The mattes were a bit hard to work with but the end result is AMAZING. Changing the grade to A-. I will post pics in a separate post.

Grade: A- (edited from B+)


  1. I was SO worried it was going to break in the post!

  2. The palette looks amazing :) I still have to wait 2 months till I can go to London and buy some Sleek make up products.. x

  3. gorgeous rich colourful palette! nice buy♥

  4. beat me to it!! I am going to post a review of this very soon..although my swatch are fav is the that yellow greenish color and the dark blue!! can't wait to see ur looks!!