Friday, August 27, 2010

Woo! Inspired!

I've been creating some pretty baller looks lately, but they're not photographing :(. The blue on this looks so iridescent and shimmery in person. Oh well, here it is:

Eyes: Barry M dazzledusts in Mushroom, Oyster Grey and Petrol Black, Urban Decay e/s in Aquarius, Petrol Black used as liner... Rimmel VolumeMaxx mascara
Cheeks: Mac Prism blush
Lips: Light pink Sephora lip liner, Mac dazzle lipstick in Hellraiser, little bit of Mac Extra Amps over top

The lipstick is normally way more lilac than this -- the pink lip liner screwed up the color. I don't like it. I have to find an alternative... maybe the clear liner from Urban Decay? The dazzle lipsticks NEED a liner and I got two more last night =/.


  1. I LOVE this!! this is baller status for real..LOL..gorgeous indeed!!
    I can not wait to get my Barry M pigments!!

  2. @Jessica: If you have Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, you're going to want to use it with a lot of them. Some are finely milled enough that a stickier base will stick to it, but they are fallout city otherwise!

  3. ....:O OMG, I must try this, it looks awesome! Although I'm not sure if I actually have mushroom, which clearly needs to be sorted out :D

  4. Love this!!!!!! colors look great together!!

  5. eyes are allergic to the pixie epoxy :( I had to swap it away
    maybe I can make a mixing med with glycerian..I know it is not the same..but idk what else to do!! :(