Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everybody's Starry Eyed

Yaaay! A multipurpose post: FOTD, swap goodies and cheap shoes!

My Urban Decay Naked post will go up tomorrow morning for you guys :) I'm totally stoked -- I got some amazing swatch photos before the sun starting going down.

First up, is my FOTD:

Sorry, no close up shots -- my camera ran out of batteries this morning and by the time I got home, my makeup had smudged from my eyes watering. Also, one of the eyeshadows I used ALWAYS disappears on me so the photos I took later on were quite bad.

On eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Mac Tilt, Mac Zingy mixed with Revlon matte e/s in Venetian Blue, Mac Birds and Berries, Collection 2000 glitter liner in Hustle, Urban Decay liner in Zero (my brows are Espress now, in case you wanted to know)
Cheeks: Honestly don't remember
Lips: Mac Creme d'Nude with Milani gloss in Movie Star over top. Yes, it's blue.

I liked how it came out even though the crease is lighter than I wanted. And my hair is still being finicky -- little stray hairs keep flying into my face, argh.

Next up, I got my swap goodies from the always sweet Robyn (Stay Beautiful). She sent me so much stuff! I feel like I cheated her out even though Milani is expensive here, lol. I may have to send her some additional goodies that I happen to nab :3.

- Sleek Circus Palette
- Barry M dazzledusts in Aqua Gold and Oyster Grey
- Collection 2000 nail polish in Shameless
- MUA e/s in #12 and #13 (omg, these are amazing!)
- Sleek Eye Dust in So Sleek
- MeMeMe Beat the Blues highlighter in Moonbeam
- Various samples of dazzledusts (not pictured -- swatched them below)

I -love- everything. I swatched it for you guys:

Top 2 are the dazzledusts, Aqua Gold and then Oyster Grey. These are so gorgeous! The second is the MeMeMe highlighter -- I kinda covered it with Aqua Gold on accident, lol. Left is blended, if you can see it, and right is just dabbed on. It's got a nail polish brush like applicator. I will maybe do a quickie review on it as one of my vacation posts. Then it's #12 and #13 of the MUA shadows, and the Sleek eye dust. That eye dust is amazing! I don't have anything like it and I can't wait to mess about with the MUA colors.

Next are the dazzledust sample swatches:

Top row: Cherry Red, Old Gold, Storm Cloud
Bottom: Emerald (inaccurate swatch, sorry!), Winter Berry, Parrot Green

These are all lovely shades. I especially love Winter Berry -- it didn't swatch very well but its got light blue and pinkish sparkle in it. Very interesting shade. The cherry red is amazing as well even though it stains horribly (as you will see in later swatches, lmao!)

Last, but not least... I got these adorable sandals for $10 earlier while looking for nude pumps. Which, speaking of, why are they so hard to find?!

That's all I've got for you right now! I will schedule the Naked and Circus palette posts for tomorrow morning and later in the day :) Enjoy!


  1. Yay, glad you liked everything! I wasn't sure if you'd like the Sleek pigment but it was just so pretty and pink I couldn't resist and thought that you might not get to try much Sleek stuff otherwise. And I couldn't resist the MUA ones either. I mean they're a quid! Jealous of your Nakedness too :(

  2. I knowww, I would have all of the MUA stuff if I lived there. Everything is so nice! :3 Did you get my stuff by chance?

  3. I love the liner you used! Sparkly!
    When you mentioned nude pumps I found some but they're uber pricey, uber tall, and not sure if they ship outside canadaland
    I saw them in the store last week. I wish I could wear tall shoes without looking like a giant!

  4. @KittenMittens: Oooh those are uber cute! I don't mind tall shoes... I'm 5'1, so kinda tiny. I need them. I wish they weren't so pricey! I found a peep toe pair at Charlotte Russe but they were out of my size online... so I'll have to check the store.

  5. Would I have got stuff and not posted about it? :P Not yet but I'm going to be up salivating for the postman tomorrow! And I didn't realise you were only 5'1", I had you down for being really tall!

  6. @Robyn: =P Noooo, I am very short. Shortest person in my family. Even my mom is tall - 5'9. I got the short end of the stick, hahahaha get it? (insert snort). Siiiigh, I need to go to bed, lol!

  7. I love that glitter liner! Gorgeous look. I have some Collection 2000 glitter liner I got from doing a swap, aren't they fun? I love swapping soooo much- I got the Sleek Circus palette that way too :) That aqua gold color is gorgeous.

  8. And her BF is 6'5. Makes life fun :-P

  9. You look gorgeous, and the products Robyn sent you look amazing! :) x

  10. @Heather: They are! I have 4 or 5 now and want 2 more... lol! My boyfriend is going to get a list before he moves next week :3
    @Drafell: You love it, really.
    @Snooze: Thanks dear :)
    @Jonna: Thank youuuu xx