Saturday, August 7, 2010

We drove to Cali and got drunk on the beach

Yeah... I've got a ton of creative energy / inspiration at the moment. I'm working on ideas for a bird series that I'll be doing after I get back from vacation. But onto the makeup for today... I wanted it very bright -- and it came out slightly drag queen-ish which is interesting for me.

Eyes: Barry M Aqua Gold dazzledust, Mac Amber Lights, Sleek Circus dark metallic blue, Sleek Circus metallic dark purple, BFTE Green Apple, Collection 2000 glitter liner in Va Va Voom, Rimmel VolumeMaxx mascara
Cheeks: Rimmel Pink Rose blush, MeMeMe Moonbeam highlighter
Lips: Light pink liner, Gosh Darling, NYX LaLa lipgloss (I don't like the lips, for the record... I did dupe Gaga though lol)

Next up... my nails of the next few days:

China Glaze - He's Going in Circles. Gorgeous. It's such an interesting holo -- light seafoam green. Love.

Last two bits -- I got my nude pumps FINALLY. They are HUGE though. At least five inches...

Haha, excuse the flip flop tan. That Jergens crap was supposed to fix that *coughanditdidntcough*. ANWHOO. Also got this adorable top from H&M for $10:

Haha, you get to see a non makeup shot of Wendy. I had been out in our 95 degree weather shopping so my lip color is long gone and so is my tinted moisturizer... but anyway! THE TOP. It's cute. I love the lacey bits. I have it tucked into a pair of black cuff shorts... it looks really cute with sandals, and I think I could wear it with a pencil skirt too.

That's all for today... I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow at this rate...


  1. The pumps are gorgeous. I have the hardest time trying to find some but my chubby little feet seem to reject every pair ! I like the blue make up , the brown blended ties everything together ...I love the lace top too and its price : 10 $ , you must love H $ M for that ...

    Caro xxx

  2. Wendy this is seriously my favorite makeup look you've done, it's so not drag queen. I have a Kat Von D pallet that has this great bright aqua color but I haven't gotten up the nerve to wear it as the main color. Oh, and that nail polish is KILLER.

  3. Oh wow the teal/minty blues and greens look amazing with the gold. I never would have thought to pair those colors together. I love this. Those heels are fuggin HOT. Oh man. *lusts*

  4. Looove that top! Sexeh. And I can't wait to see the bird looks, that sounds awesome :D

  5. @MUA: I have some trouble too. I'm a US7 / UK 5/12 which is a common size but some shoes just don't fit me right. I have a bit of a wide foot as well so some just squeeze the sides uncomfortably... and thanks :)

    @Kristen: Thanks girl... but I have to say, I would kill for your hair =P

    @Pixie: I literally woke up and thought "Aqua Gold with Amber Lights, let's do this". lol

    @Robyn: I just need to get some more birds... there are a lot of brown ones lol.

  6. gorgeous look! blues look good on you!! and I LOVE that nailpolish!!

  7. Gorgeous look, love those colours you used, blues look great on you! The nailpolish is stunning too and I love the lace top you're wearing in the last picture :) x

  8. Wow you are absolutely gorgeous! I love the seafoam green with your brown eyes. And i NEED china Glaze holos and kaleidoscopes! So beautiful.

  9. Thanks everyone -- your comments really do mean a lot <3.

  10. WOW! you look amazing with the aqua color!!!

    Great idea! will defo be back to see what you come up with! Consider me a follower:)

    feel free to follow me too if u like :)
    I love to do give aways, and im currently trying to get my name out, I make lots of useful makeup related goodies. Such as lipstick holders, makeup brush rolls, and purses of all sizes.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. @Teresa: Thank you so much! And welcome... I followed you back :)