Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New blog post in 5...4...3...

Yay! I'm alive. I haven't posted in ages. I feel like I have so much to tell you, so this will be a semi long post.

Thanks again to the lovely musicalhouses for guest posting! I will actually be on vacation on September 7 to some unknown time -- we had to move our trip because of my boyfriend's delay in moving here. But he's here now! More on that later...

I've not been doing terribly exciting makeup lately, a lot of looks with the Naked palette mostly... and glittery winged liner. While my boyfriend likes the more dramatic looks, between the heat and him I've been trying to keep it neutral and natural.

I did do a rainbow look this past weekend though, it came out really nice except I couldn't photograph it. Oh my god, I must have taken 30-35 pictures INDOORS of it... then the outdoors ones. I used the yellow, orange and red from Sleek Circus, Sassy Grass and Zingy from Mac, and MUFE #92, of course. None of the pics really came out well... but here's what I have:

At least you can kind of see the double liner in the bottom pic and the 2nd half of the rainbow ><. So frustrating! My camera auto corrects red-orange-yellow and I can't get it to stop.

Next up, I had a $40 gift card to Mac and was up in Richmond near a freestanding store, so I could actually use it. I kind of had a hard time choosing anything to be honest, as I had gotten my Dare to Wear items and Fab Felines isn't out yet. I wandered... and then decided on a lipstick and two eyeshadows:

It's Expensive Pink, Steamy and Hellraiser lipstick from the Digi-Dazzle collection. I haven't used either of the eyeshadows yet as I keep forgetting, but I will post when I use both of them. Swatches:

I think they're gorgeous! I'm quite pleased... we'll see how easy they are to work with. The lipstick isn't the greatest swatch -- it has a ton of blue and silver glitter in it. You actually SEE it when you apply the lipstick. Think Dazzleglass in a lipstick form. I like it but it's a bit of a pain to wear as the glitter travels like crazy. I am going to try it with a light pink lipliner.

Next up, I did B2M 12 empties (including a shadestick that I never use... lol) and picked up two lipsticks. I wasn't sure what I wanted and the girl was helpful in getting me two shades. I ended up with Odyssey (which I saw on Temptalia and loved, and not sure about it on me) and Fresh Moroccan. The girl picked Fresh Moroccan due to my hair color and all... I like it, it's just a bit high maintenance. I hate wearing lip liner (they always dry out my lips) and it's definitely necessary with this. I have photos of me wearing them...

Odyssey. This is a really pretty berry shade. I like that it's not messy and stays put, and I think it will be a staple color of mine for fall. It's a bit slippery and I found that it worked better when I DIDN'T apply gloss over top.

Fresh Moroccan. It's a bronzey red... but still works on me somehow. This is also kinda my FOTD from yesterday, even though I don't know why my lids look discolored? I did take it at the end of the day...

Also, a quick outfit of the day, I liked this dress a lot and it seemed like it would be popular on here:

The dress is Forever21, tights are Charlotte Russe, and shoes are from Burlington (Bumper brand??)

Lastly, why I've been so busy lately and not posting:

Yep. He's here! Permanently... provided he doesn't get deported... lol. It's a long story. We've still got a long way to go. I'm trying to keep up with the blog but it just seems like every day, we've got something to do. I thought I could work on this last night and then we found out that the potential employer my dad knew wanted him TODAY, and we had to run out and buy him spare work clothes and shoes as its manual labor in 90 degree heat. He'll be bringing in money though and it's something -- considering we can't legally have him work for another month or so, at least I won't be bleeding money trying to support both of us. Anyway, enough moaning about my immigration troubles! lol


  1. Love those looks, especially the first one, really funky :)

  2. fresh morrcan l/s looks goegeous on you!!

    LMK when you try steamy e/s..it is the only mac e/s that creases on me and I have NO idea why..I tried with lots of diff primers and it still creases..LMK what happens with u please

    you and your bf make such a cute couple..I hope it works out well for you two


  3. @Liloo: Thanks, doll!

    @Jessica: Tilt creases on me too, so let's hope Steamy doesn't... Tilt will disappear throughout the day as well. I love it, but man it's high maintenance!

  4. I really wish the pics of the rainbow look had come out for you. I saw it in person and it was awesome looking. The pictures you did get, don't do the look justice.

  5. I think the rainbow look looks awesome, if your camera didn't do it just it must have been mega awesome irl! I also love the dress, I wish we had F21 here.

    Sorry to hear the move isn't going as smoothly as it could, but it'll all be worth it and just be a dinner-party story soon!

  6. Oh my gosh, the rainbow look is awesome! I love that outfit with the makeup, especially the lip color, it seems so trendy and French :D

  7. Oh my gosh, this is eerie. I never wear a lot of colour on my eyes and today I did both yellow and craberry as well. I also went to MAC and B2M'ed for a berry lippie. Whoa.

  8. @Robyn: But you guys have Primark, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins... I could go on.

    @Heather: It is kinda French isn't it? I didn't notice that lol

    @BoldAsLove: Great minds think alike ;-)