Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventures in Mac Depotting

Oh yes, I tried the "no-heat" depotting method tonight. One of my lovely friends got me a 15-pan Mac palette as an early birthday gift, and I was eager to pop out the insert and put in all of my lovelies.

First up, watch the video:

So my review of the no heat method - it works. It's a lot less painful than using heat to remove the adhesive. I rather like not having little burns all over the tips of my fingers from handling hot metal pans. But this one freaked me out a little -- a few of my shadows cracked when I went to pry them out from the pressure. So as I said in the video - this is pretty easy, but if you've got a super rare, hard to find color, use the heat method.

Here are the lovelies in my new palette:

1st Row (L to R): Goin Bananas, Rule, Firespot, Woodwinked, Amber Lights, GlamourCheck!, Cranberry
2nd Row (L to R): Sushi Flower, Coppering, Hepcat, Stars n Rockets, Trax, Beautiful Iris
3rd Row (L to R): Mink and Sable, Juxt, Aquavert, Swimming, Lucky Green, Sassy Grass (poor lady, she took one for the team earlier), Tilt
4th Row (L to R): White Frost, Humid, Suave Intentions, Shimmermoss, Zingy, Deep Truth

Pfew. I have a fair amount. You can see that some of them have war wounds... Sassy Grass was the only casualty of this trip -- the others were from knife gouges from my first depot attempt :3

Last bit: I got my Forever21 order today, yay! All 3 of the dresses are very cute, but very short as well. My only other complaint is the wrinkling! I'm going to have to take the black and purple ones to get dry cleaned. They are horrible!

The last one is my favorite, it looks quite big and shapeless but when put on, it shapes nicely to your waist and bust. I'm going to have to take it to a tailor though, the straps are too long and the dress sags in the back. It does have cute buttonable straps though, so I'm just gonna have her make a new button hole for me!

And, last thing, I had to...

Earrings! They match my green ones that Rob got me :) They'll drive my ears crazy, but my bottom holes can handle it.


  1. nawwww!!! turtle earrings! so cute and i love the black dress you got!

  2. Cute eaaaaarrings! I'm reeeeeally trying to stay away from MAC shadows, there are sooo many I want it's unreal!

  3. nice dresses! the earrings are so so cute! :D

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  4. haha, very cute turtle earrings! =D And yes, gotta love MAC products.


  5. Stunning dresses! I love the first two ones :D x