Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 For 1 Late Night Special

Okay... so it's 9:45AM here. It's late at night SOMEWHERE, right?

I have 2 looks for you today, they were my yesterday and today's looks, respectively. (See, I'm keeping up here...)

This 1st one used mostly Mac... Woodwinked, Steamy, Amber Lights and Cranberry. Lips were Milani Orangina (blotted) with Flurry of Fun (lipglass) over top. Cheeks were Mac Gold Deposit.

I have a bit of creasing going on under one eye, and a fellow blogger asked me if Steamy creased on me; Yes, apparently it does! :( I also can't figure out why my lids look like one solid color as the 3 I used are quite varying.

Next up is today's look - I wanted to use my little vial of Rose pigment that I got ages ago. It's chunky! I slid a toothpick around in it and broke some of it up, but I think the seller neglected to tell me that it got wet at some point. The pigment itself is quite thick and piecey, so I used Pixie Epoxy to hold it on.

So, products were Mac Rose pigment, Mac Amber Lights, Ben Nye Aztec Gold, Mac Hepcat and Mac GlamourCheck. On cheeks was the MeMeMe Moon Beam highlighter. Lips were Viva Glam Gaga with Essence Rising Star gloss over top.

Oooh... shiny. Rose is very pretty even though it's a PITA to work with. I've seen a ton of pink/gold combos for eyes, lips, etc... but nothing quite like this. It's a darkened pink with bronzey shimmer, gorgeous.

That's all for today! :)


  1. love the looks!don't worry you keep up better with the blog than i do with mine :p
    i'm loving your hair more and more as well.

  2. gorgeous looks!! I love one cranberry and amber light combo!! SEE!! I have no idea what the heck is up with steamy!! I am almost glad (SORRY) that it creased because I thought I was going cazy!! no matter what I did it creased..URGH and it is such a pretty color too :(
    sorry that it happened to u too :(

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