Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Revlon and Sally Hansen Rant

Just a quick post... my main focus is the upcoming Morgana Minerals post.

I got Revlon Gum Drop as I wanted a light purple nail color. It got good reviews and I picked it up on a Buy One, Get One special.

This nail polish is crap.

I waited nearly 30 minutes and it still wasn't dry. It was also insanely hard to manage while trying to apply it -- it was very thin but adhered quickly so it would run everywhere and then gloop up, but it wasn't actually dry. Not impressed.

It's supposed to smell when it dries and I thought it smelled awful. It was like scented nail polish remover (ever come across that? Yeah, it stinks.) As for the color... it's only okay. It's kinda dusty in lower lighting and I don't like how it looks.

I had gone through and done stickers and everything...

Look at the bubbling. That is 45 minutes after applying (excuse the messy cuticles, I didn't keep this one, obviously). That bubbling is thanks to Sally Hansen's "Diamond Shine" top coat. This is quite possibly the worst top coat I've ever used. You're better off painting water over your lacquer. I don't exaggerate. It does nothing to prolong the wear time, speed up the drying and it doesn't even make them shiny. It's utter crap. This is the 3rd mani I've done with this stuff and every single time, the polish has bubbled.

I could return it but you know what? I got it with discounts for $2.95. I'm canning it.

Yeah, I'm upset, to say the least. Was a perfectly good mani, then this happened. See all the bubbling at the cuticle? I didn't paint it that way, but by the time it dried, it had done that.

Another thumbs down for Revlon (see my Grow Luscious mascara review) and a possible no-buy from Sally Hansen from now on.


  1. That's weird. And unsightly. :( Thanks for posting the review. I will stay away from that brand!

  2. I friggin hate Revlon polishes. I haven't found a single one I liked that didn't need 80 coats just to look lumpy and streaky. And I also have the crap topcoat. Do these companies even try this stuff out or do they just go "clear, yeah that'll do" and slap a label on it?!?

  3. I'm almost never impressed with Revlon nail products. Sure, they have great colours but the application, drying and how easily it chips makes it all a waste.

  4. i don't use revlon polishes except for their clear coat one :p
    thanks for the review !

  5. aw I liked the color, to bad it didnt work good. thanks for the heads up

  6. yes the Sally Hansen Diamond shine top coat is junk....it's the worst top coat I have ever used! I really haven't been very impressed with Sally Hansen anything for quite some time...

  7. Oh how annoying! The colour is so pretty :(

  8. Very annoying! Thanks for the review.. If I someday will have a chance to buy Revlon products, I'm not going to touch the nail polishes. Who wants to wait the nail polish to dry for more than 30 minutes.. and then get the bubble result.- O_o
    The colour is cute though, too bad it didn't work. x