Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is a rant.

Don't read this if you're having a good day. Because after reading this, you certainly will not.

Yesterday was probably the worse combination of bad things in one day that has ever happened to me. Now, I've had some rough days... family members passing away, my boyfriend getting delayed for a week, etc., but yesterday was a pile of small things that amounted into one massive WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!


Let's start off with first thing in the morning. I get a voicemail from my dad saying "Sorry about the back end of your car". What? Oh god... what did he do? I decided to shower and continue getting ready for work. He calls again when I'm heading to my car and wants me to go look... yeah. The left rear end of my car was crushed in, headlight all busted up (my car isn't THAT new, but I take care of it and it's admittedly a nice car). He is apologizing profusely, I'm running late for work, I can't deal with it. So it's whatever.
I've got to take it in for an estimate this afternoon, and while my dad is paying for it as it was his fault, I'm cringing at how much it will probably cost, plus the rental car expenses on top of it. I could have a rental for at least a week, that is completely plausible.

I get to work and normally, my job is sort of slow. I'm an office manager and paralegal for a small employment law firm. We get busy at times, but nothing insane like when I was running a criminal law office that took on 5-6 new cases per day that I was handling 100%, plus the personal injury practice. But yesterday I walked into piles of work on my desk, literally piles of stuff that I had been waiting for responses on for weeks from my bosses (I have 2 attorneys over me). They decided to answer them. All. At. Once. This was stuff that was "MUST go out TODAY", etc.

I'm whittling away at the pile (this is in addition to another massive pile that I'm waiting for responses outside of the office on, and a 2nd pile of stuff that needs to be scanned in... about 1,500 pages worth). As usual, I'm on MSN half chatting to Rob, and as I'm a good multitasker, I can talk while I'm working (sparingly, but it works). Then his net dies.
Really? REALLY? This happened last week for 6 days solid. And now again. For those of you that don't know, the internet is my main way of talking to Rob. I spent a lot of money last week calling him due to all of the visa stuff we had to get done, and the net is the easiest and cheapest way for us to talk. While we've gotten most of that worked out, it would be nice to go back to just being able to chat. Hi, how are you? I'm fantastic, you?
But no, Virgin Media sucks and his net went down again. There is no reasoning behind it -- we both know enough about computers to know it's not his hardware, it's something on their retarded end.

Let's see... what else happened. OH, how to begin this? Let's start by saying that I generally love my job. I like what I do, and it gets sort of hectic sometimes but that is the nature of a law firm. It's fast paced work. One ongoing problem we've had where I work is that our accounts receivable are laughable. We have a lot of clients that don't pay, a lot of them are well known businesses in the area. What doesn't help is that the girl who worked here before me didn't know how to do much of anything, including accounting, so when I got here, we owed literally thousands of dollars in back due bills. We still aren't 100% caught up, but that's because she also ran his property business into the ground. Side note: Why are so many lawyers also property renters?
I've done a lot to help things get better -- but right now, we have no funds. We actually overdrew because of a communication issue between my boss and I, and also because our accounting software incorrectly showed our balance. So basically he wrote himself a paycheck for money we didn't have. I'm due to be paid tomorrow, and we run payroll 3 days prior, and there's no way its happening unless one of the bigger clients gets their payment in. More realistically, I may get a check mailed to me maybe by the end of next week. On top of it, the junior attorney hasn't been paid in even longer of a period, and my boss may want to give priority to her as she is technically above me in position.

So I'm a little worried -- I've got bills to pay even though I live at home as I support myself on everything but rent, and I also spent a bit of money last month (not a lot, I'm rather frugal) on credit cards from shopping, that are now due. I've also been supporting Rob for two months as he never could find a job. Combine that with the crappy exchange rate... yeah, you get the picture. It's a little tight right now. I've also got a plane ticket to buy in the next few weeks.

All of that, and bear in mind that when I have accounting faults at work, it takes me ages to fix them because I'm still unfamiliar with the accounting software we use. I was here until 6:45 last night (I get off at 5:30) and I worked through lunch. My brain was fried by the time I got home as from 2PM to 6:45PM, I was crunching numbers and working with accounts to try and figure out how to fix the massive accounting snafu we have at the moment.

I got home, made dinner for my parents, we all had a drink to drown away our crappy day (both of my parents had some bad things as well), and things were sort of looking up. Rob got his police certificate mostly sorted out, so when I got that text, I was feeling better. But I went to bed feeling like something ominous was hanging over me.

Got up today (and had a horrible makeup day, good god), got to work... got on Twitter... only to find out I totally missed the Vertical Horizon show in my city. SERIOUSLY? I thought it was the 17th. Amongst the stress of yesterday, I had been meaning to re-check the date and I completely forgot. Completely. They were one of the first bands I ever got into and I (sort of) know the lead singer, and I'm very disappointed. They don't come here often as they're currently unsigned. And I missed it.

Sigh. I needed to vent. I do feel a bit better, now if we can just get Rob here, I will be grand. Well, that and if I survive through hearing the estimate on my car this afternoon.

Hope your days are going better than mine! :P


  1. take care! take a little break, dear... =)

  2. D: Oh god, thats awful hon! Hope everything works out, thinking of you x

  3. It doesn't rain, but it pours, eh? Hope things start looking up soon xxx

  4. Aww. Hopefully everything will be better soon. x

  5. Everything will be okay! *hugs!* I put some extra goodies in your bag :] yay!

  6. *hugs* sorry about your craptacular time! Hope things get better tomorrow x