Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morgana Minerals Haul/Review

I ordered from Morgana Minerals a while back and never got around to doing a full post on them.

I think I heard about them through the whole Lime Crime drama mess, and someone mentioned that Morgana carried odd colored lipsticks at lower prices than Lime Crime, and they were better quality. I took a gander and ended up doing a small order. The items can be purchased from http://morganaminerals.com/shop/

I will show what I got and review as I go.

Eyeshadow Samples (in baggies):
Top (L-R): Ecoplasm, Transylvania Twist, Druscilla's Sister
Bottom (L-R): Coraline, Chameleon Sky, Glitter Ghoul

I love all of the shadow samples I picked up. Coraline is a stunner, it's an orange-peachy-pinky-gold (yeah, say that 5 times fast), and I think it is my favorite. Ectoplasm is showing really light in this photo -- it's not quite so shimmery. Transylvania Twist is another stunner, it's a rich metallic purple. Druscilla's Sister is a neon hot pink with lots of sparkle. Chameleon Sky is an interesting shade of metallic blue, it's not one you see often. And Glitter Ghoul is a matte black with loose sparkles. I was honestly hoping for more from that one, but it's only a minor disappointment considering the others are winners.

Loose Glitter Samples (baggies):
Top (L-R): Marigold, Orange, Lovely Lavender
Bottom (L-R): Violetta, Copper Plum

I honestly haven't used these that much except Lovely Lavender on my lips in a contest look. I just recently got Pixie Epoxy so I will start experimenting with these on a non-work day. I did test these on my hand over PE and you can see how well they stick. (The colors are sort of self-explanatory, so I won't explain). The glitter is quite finely milled and I love how a few of the colors have an array of sparkles... observe:

Violetta... how pretty, right?

Lipstick Samples (baggies):
- Watermelon, Coraline's Kiss and Lillian

I really do love these lipsticks! I put these three together as they are sort of the "normal" colors. Lillian is my favorite. My only complaint is that I wish there was some way to have a different application method... it's hard to get even, opaque coverage by dipping a lip brush into a baggie. I've wasted some product by doing this. But honestly, I knew they'd be in bags and I'm willing to suffer through it to get such pretty colors! Watermelon is just that -- a shimmering pink. Coraline's Kiss is an odd one -- it turns more reddish gold on me and orange on my hand. Lastly, Lillian is a shimmering lilac, just gorgeous!

Top (L-R): Silverwitch, Sub-Zero, Shrieking Violet
Bottom (L-R): Grape, Gargoyle

These are the more odd colors. I like them but I can only see myself using them for special occasions (hey, I ordered them, it's ok). I think my favorite is Shrieking Violet, I prefer it over Grape (Grape comes out odd on me for some reason). The names on these are pretty self explanatory -- Gargoyle is a standard matte black (I think?). For such odd colors, the lipsticks go on smoothly and have good color payoff.

Wearing Coraline's Kiss. See? Turns red on me... it's weird. Also, enjoy the mascara and brows only face shots =P.

Wearing Sub-Zero. Haha, I feel like a mime. It's kinda cool.

quick look using Ectoplasm, Transylvania Twist and Chameleon Sky. Literally. So fast... that's why there's eyeshadow under my eye =P

Coraline and Druscilla's Sister. See how gorgeous? Again, really fast go just to show the colors.

Hope you enjoyed the review and hopefully you will check out Morgana Minerals in the future! She has a good range of products!

*I purchased all items in this review and they were not provided to me by the manufacturer.*


  1. I love Morgana Minerals :D Coraline's Kiss is one of the few lipsticks I own. I am really excited for the upcoming gloss line!

  2. Oooh great haul! I love Morgana Minerals, the lippies are so pretty and i love all the colours they come in. I need Transylvania twist i think!

  3. Great haul, those colours look lovely! LOVE the blue lips! x

  4. Oh no.... more on my shopping list...