Thursday, July 29, 2010

LOTDs: Last Call for Ammo

Yep. I used the Urban Decay Ammo palette for 4 days solid. I am going to go insane tomorrow for the Paramore concert and rock some crazy bright makeup. I love my Ammo palette, but I gotta break out man!

(Photo credit of TheDailyCookie)

I will post an eyes open and eyes closed shot of each look, and post below it what colors I used. You can click on each photo to see more detail!

Day 1 (Monday)

Colors Used:
- Sin
- Smog
- Last Call
- Oil Slick (liner)

Lips: Wet n Wild 547B, Sephora Gloss #18 over top

Day 2 (Tuesday)
Colors Used:

- Mildew
- Smog
- Oil Slick
- Polyester Bride

Lips: Mac lustreglass in Springbean. Omg sorry for the wonky lips -- Springbean went funky on camera!

Day 3 (Wednesday) Colors Used:
- Chopper
- Shattered
- Sin

On lips: Milani Orangina, Mac Flurry of Fun lipglass

Day 4 (Thursday)
Colors Used:
- Sin
- Grifter
- Chopper (Not 100% sure, I should have written these down)

On lips: Mac Nymphette lipglass

There you go! I really enjoyed doing this challenge. I liked the variety of looks I got -- I think my favorite is the Mildew look, I actually really liked my Thursday (today) look... very natural.

I also went after work to get my Dare to Wear goodies (separate post later) and had a girl I know there redo my eyebrows. I really like them! I just have to practice and get them right! What do you guys think?

Excuse the worn off makeup -- it's been humid as hell here and we're under a tornado/flood watch atm. Running into the mall killed my makeup. Well, the sweat didn't help. Anyway! She extended the tail of my eyebrow and changed the inner corners, I really like it:

That's all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Love alllllllll those looks, especially the second one ;)

  2. what an awesome challenge for yourself..I have the ammo palette too and I love it but I always forget about it because it gets lost with my other makeup..I should challenge myself like that so I could use it more often. You used the palette really well..I love all the fav is the first one..I love last call!! Can't wait for your dare to wear haul..I just got shock-a-holic...I want to see more people do look with the other colors before I fully decide..okay..let me stop my long ass comment!! LOL

  3. Your rocking this pallet. I have it and for some reason can never figure out what I want to do with it. Maybe I will pull it out and try some of these =]

  4. I wanna go see Paramoooooore :(

    Your brows look great! x

  5. Thanks ladies! It's a really fun palette to work with -- I will admit I lean towards Last Call, Sin and Chopper.

    @Robyn: You'll kinda get to see them... I'm recording video XD

  6. I definitely want to try this challenge, great idea and great post. Beautiful as always, lady :)

  7. All of your looks are so pretty! Love the shape of your eyebrows. x