Thursday, July 15, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze VII

I picked up China Glaze's VII at Sally's last night for $1.99 (think they're normally $4.99). I didn't have a color like it, so I thought hey, why not?

It definitely went on smoother than that POS Revlon polish from the other day. And smelled nicer, for that matter. Then I kinda went overboard, was feeling an arabic design so here's what I came up with...

These photos don't do the VII justice, but I'll go on...

It's quite subtle from far away, no?

Hope you enjoyed! Think I'll keep this one for a while.


  1. are those your real nails? 1.99 for china glaze,thats a steal for sure.

  2. @Jasmine: Yes :) I want them to grow back out though, I had to file them down last week.

  3. i like them :D
    i have short nails cos i also work at a restaurant at night so it's against the rules to have longs :( but i want to grow them a little bit longer and see if i can get away with it :p
    i wear nude colour nail polishes most the time, cos my boss don't really notice them :)