Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beauty Experiment: Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer

Come in close, 'cause I have a secret for you. But you have to promise not to tell anyone.


Okay, I'm going to whisper it to you.
I have cellulite.

Yep. I don't know how many women suffer from it, but I surely do. It's gotten better since I lost weight, but it's quite prominent in certain areas, though limited to the sides of my thighs and my bum. I went into Target earlier to pick up a prescription and decided I would try out a firming cream. I initially picked up Nivea's Cellulite Serum (which is like $13.99 for a small tube, btw), put that down after deciding against the firming cream. Then I picked up Nivea's Sun Kissed Legs or something, for about $7.99 as I wanted to tan my legs. But then... I found this.

Price: $7.94 (at Target) for 7.5oz
Claims: To gradually create fabulous, natural looking color with a subtle skin darkening complex and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite
Active Ingredients: Collagen, elastin and ginseng.

First off, I thought this product was great for what I needed -- I suffer from pale leg syndrome AND cellulite, so this targets both for about 1/3 of the price of 2 products. I also have a flip flop tan that won't quit so I figured this may help to even it out.

I applied this all over, the lotion itself is of medium consistency, and has a lovely rose and shea scent that is quite pleasant. It dries down and fades so I don't think it would interfere if you wanted to put perfume on as well.

As it rubs in, the lotion spreads out nicely and doesn't leave a thick goo on the skin, which I absolutely hate. I rubbed it into my calves and the tops of my feet, but when I got to my thighs and bum, I massaged for 1-2 mins until I began to feel resistance (as the product says). This is an odd sensation. You sort of feel a slight rubbery effect as you rub it in.

The lotion did leave a slight tacky feel on my hands, but once I washed them, it went away. The same goes for the rest of my body -- I basically just stood under my fan for a minute or 2 and let it dry before redressing and my clothes aren't sticking to me or anything.

So here's some before pics... I will post in 3-4 days to see if there's any results. The target is 1 week, but I will test this for 3.

Now, I know you girls are old enough to see some cellulite... so no screaming.

It's the side of my thigh, don't get excited.

Also, some befores of my arm versus my thigh, and my flip flop tan.

Will report again in a few days!


  1. i kinda liked this product,it didnt do jack for my cellulite,but it did give me a nice glow after a couple days.

  2. @Jasmine: Oh great, way to darken my skies LOL. Damn, I was hoping, too...

  3. Oh, dude, I have cellulite all up in yo' face. I can't be bothered to tame it anymore. The best thing I've found is to increase circulation. And the best way to do that is a good ol' fashioned spanking :P Seriously, lightly slapping the area for a minute or so, and then rubbing it in little circular motions, I found really helped. I mean it didn't go away, but in a few weeks I did notice a nice difference. I was on a fitness thang at the time though, though I never find my cellulite changes whether I'm toned or not.

  4. @Robyn: Yeah, I've never found anything that really works. It's probably my diet. I stay relatively thin but I eat a lot of pasta, which is fatty and that's really what cellulite is: fat deposits. I think some women are just prone to getting it. My lower body is a lot less toned than my upper body for some stupid reason.