Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Darling Deer Christmas! (Swatches)

Susan sent me some bits from her Darling Deer Christmas collection, which is available on the website right now. Petit sizes (1/4 tsp.) of these shadows are $2.25 and full sizes (3/4 tsp.) are $5.50. She's also got a blush, glitters (which I will show you), and lip products.

I want to start off by showing you a new product from her that isn't part of the Christmas collection, but that I received along with it. It's called Watercolor, and is a cream eyeshadow/eyeshadow base product. These sell for $4.75 and come in a 3 gram jar. The color I received is Haystacks, and boy is it gorgeous!

The product is really soft and creamy, but not to where it feels thin or watery. It reminds me in appearance of the Big Bounce shadows from Mac, but this is much better in consistency. Haystacks is a bronzey brown with a slight copper sheen.

On the left it is swatched lightly and blended out, while the right it is more heavily done with less blending and more packing on. Either way results in a smooth and opaque finish, which is impressive for a cream shadow. I've come to expect some sheerness when you begin to blend a cream out, but this product doesn't suffer from that at all. This color would look amazing on blue eyes as a wash of color!

Onto the eyeshadows... this collection was inspired by and named after Santa's reindeer, which is totally adorable. I like the range of colors and also that they are all sparkly, which is very Christmas-ey.

Dasher is a shimmery white with pink sheen and light blue sparkles.

Blitzen is a pale peach with gold sparkles.

Donner is a pale golden taupe. It's a bit like Urban Decay Sin in some lights.

Rudolph is a plummy brown with gold sparks.

Prancer is a olivey brown with pink sparks (and maybe a little silver lurking in there?)

Comet is a plum brown with strong teal and gold duochrome. This shadow is AMAZING and my photos couldn't even begin to capture it.

Cupid is a mauve toned pink with pink sparkles. Really unique.

Dancer is a forest green with gold and pink sparkles. I love how jewel toned this is.

Vixen is a deep blue-violet with teal sparkles. Another gorgeous shade.

Now we have the new Pixie Sprinkles, which is a densely packed loose glitter.

White Christmas is a mixture of pale blue and holographic like sparkles like shimmering snow.

Jingle Bells is mostly gold glitter but I also see bits of red and green.

Reindeer Kiss is a cool-toned red glitter with gold and other multicoloured sparkle (it's really hard to tell as it flashes so many different colors at once).

The lighting in my house wasn't great when I did these so I apologize if any of them are too dark! My camera definitely couldn't handle the outrageous sparkliness of the Pixie Sprinkles, either.

Overall, really cute little collection. I love Comet, Vixen, Cupid and Dancer the most... what can I say? I love jewel tones!

I am going to order some of the lip products and the berry blush so I will post swatches of them when I've received them! Special note: Susan will be closing the shop around 12/4 to make sure that all orders are out before she goes on vacation, so keep that in mind if you'd like to order!

DISCLAIMER: Post contains products sent for review by owner. This does not change my opinion of said products and I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. So many pretties! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Pretty! I just got an order in the mail yesterday with a sample of Jingle Bells, it's really pretty! But oh my goodness I want Dancer... I love jeweltones too and green is one of those colors I'm just drawn to.<3
    I like the looks of Haystack, I'd love to try that one out! If Susan made a skintone watercolor I'd be all over it!!

  3. @Emily: Mmmm a skintone shade with a bit of sparkle for those days when you don't feel like doing makeup? YUM

  4. Another gorgeous collection from Susan ! I ordered this collection too , can't wait to have them :D

  5. droooooooooool...

    Can't pick a fave, very interested by the watercolour too.

  6. Comet and Reindeer Kiss, FTW! And oooooo Haystacks looks awesome!

  7. In love with Darling Girl since my Hallowe'en order... HOW did I not order sooner?! The Christmas collex looks awesome, maybe a Christmas present for myself? :P

  8. Unfffff want to try the Watercolour! I also need Cupid, Dancer and Vixen. :)

  9. this looks like cup-cake topping! and it seems to be a really good shadow base!

  10. I really want the Watercolor now, it looks so opaque and perfect as a base. The Christmas collection is beautiful I especially like Dancer. I don't have enough forest greens kee-kee-kee. I put this on my yule/x-mas list but maybe I'll get it for myself instead. :)

  11. I LOVE Comet, what a gorgeous color!!!! But I usually stick to minimum to no makeup, so I think I'd probably pick Blitzen or Donner for a bit more neutral effect.

  12. Oooh, that Watercolour looks intriguing.....