Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kat Von D Angeles Palette Review + FOTD

I picked this palette up during the Sephora Friends and Family sale. It was reduced down to $15, plus the additional 20% off so quite a snag!

I believe this was the most recent palette she launched before the remakes of the original palette. The packaging is really nice -- it's got black rosaries on a white background with the Kat Von D emblem in blue. Kat's makeup line always pays nice attention to detail on the packaging and this is no exception. The white will get dirty relatively easily, but not as badly as those slightly rubberized material palettes.

The names of the shadows and the ingredients appear on the underside of the palette on a sticker.

Inside, you get 8 eyeshadows, each 0.05oz in weight. There's 7 powder eyeshadows and 1 cream shadow. The palette consists of half brown/bronze tones and the other half is blue tones. The cream shadow is on this side.

A closeup of the shades:

I swatched each color over bare skin with no primer:

Venus is a shimmering copper with intense golden undertones.

Leather is a matte warm brown. (The only matte in the palette)

Specimen is a warm taupe.

Rehab is a pale champagne.

Peggy is is a medium teal with slight hints of gold.

Bukowski is a sea blue, very shimmery.

Bellbottom is a violet-blue duochrome; this has some pigmentation issues.

Morphine is the cream shadow, it's a shimmering white with blue shift. Think Sugarpill Lumi in cream form.

The shadows all have a nice consistency, even the matte brown. They are smooth and pigmented without being gritty. The only problem child was Bellbottom, and I think that would work best over a violet or blue base to bring out the color, anyway, or to blend out the other 2 blues from the crease. I think some may be disappointed in the single matte shade, but the other colors are not over the top shimmery. Venus and Bukowski are the most shimmery out of the group, and even they aren't as over the top as say, Urban Decay shadows. The others are more like a satin texture. The cream shadow is a bit thick and awkward to use. It doesn't show up much on my tear duct but it does work decently as a cheek highlight. I would say that excluding these creams from future shadows would be a good idea, especially with the idea of contamination from the other powders.

Overall, I think that this is a nice little palette and I've been using it for quick, every day looks. The original price of $34 puts me off a little as it doesn't come with anything additional other than a few tiny plastic brushes that are essentially useless. But for $15? Sold.

For this look, I used Rehab on the lid, Specimen and Leather mixed into the crease and Peggy to blend out the crease. I also used Sephora's Waterproof Liner in Flashy Brown on my lower waterline. I don't remember what else was used on my face, unfortunately.


  1. Oooh, lovely. Shame about bellbottom because its beautiful! Looooove the eye look.

  2. Lovely! Your shirt is adorable too (from what I can tell.)

  3. This is probably my favorite KVD palette. I use it a lot! Agree about Bellbottom. It takes some work. Actually like the cream shadow in this one least compared to the horrible ones in palettes past.

    I agree with Wendi, too. Cute shirt!

  4. The browns in this palette look awesome! And what a deal for $15!

  5. Great review! I have four or five looks sitting on my computer using this one but I haven't posted them yet. I love how you put Venus along your waterline, gorgeous!