Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reader Input Time! Help Me Choose Between 2 Dresses

Here's the video:

I'd love to hear your opinion!

Makeup photos added 11/15:

I think the eyes were a bit of a 'use your stash' day. I used Accessorize's Merged Shadow in Caramel, Mac Patina, Ulta Eyeshadow in Flirty. I think I used Wet n Wild's Color Icon liner in olive on the upper lash line as well. I honestly couldn't tell you what the lips are -- it might be Maybelline's Pink Please with NYX Chestnut gloss over top.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I prefer the first out of the two xo

  2. I like the second one :) Especially with the red belt and red shoes, I think it would look fantastic!

  3. I like the first dress! And I think black pumps would go great. Having different thoughts about the lace shrug though.

  4. I vote dress #1. The shrug goes really well with it and the crushed velvet pattern is unique but really pretty. I also think a small waist belt (maybe black so it's not in your face) would look nice with the first one!