Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Darling Girl: Diamond Dusts, Spectral Shifts and Rainbow Brite!

Susan was kind enough to send me some new items that will be up in her shop next week (probably around November 7th). There's three parts to this post: Diamond Dusts, which are a new formula, new Spectral Shifts, which came out around Halloween and can be used all over the face, and the Rainbow Brite collection, which is a series of highlight shades that turn 'magical' over black.

I had a lot of fun photographing these, though a lot of them wouldn't play nice with my camera! Spectral Shifts can be used anywhere on the face; the most common uses would be as an eyeshadow or as a cheek highlight. They shift color depending on the light and have very fine sparkle in them.

Everything is swatched over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue. 

You'll want to blow these up because you can see the color shift much easier!

Mystique is a pale sky blue with subtle pink shift.

Morbid Angel is a charcoal-taupe-purple with a slight green shift. Really unique.

Little Miss Sunshine is a very pale orange-y grey with pink shift, similar to the shift in Ramblin' Rose.

Ramblin' Rose is probably my favorite of the Spectral Shifts that she's done. It would be an amazing blush -- it's a rosey-grey-pink with subtle red sparkle and a bit of green as well.

Hare is a subtle purple with slight brown tint. This one is hard to describe.

Diamond Dusts are a very smooth eyeshadow base with a ton of sparkle. The formula is interesting because the glitter adheres well to the base, even when you blend them out. I'm really, really impressed with these. I did some odd lighting conditions to show the sparkle, color shift, and the texture. Some of the photos will seem dark for that reason, and I blurred a few to help show the crazy amount of glitter in these!

Flare is a burnt red with red and green sparks. One word: amazing!

Sushi Flower is a beautiful medium purple with bits of pink and green, maybe even a little red sparkle. I love that this doesn't turn grey or blue like a lot of purples do... it's just -purple-.

Moon Dust is a light brown with hints of taupe; the sparkle in this is varied -- green, pink, even a little blue. Gorgeous.

Lucy in the Sky is a medium blue with pink and green sparkle. I had some minor coverage issues with this one, but it could have been where the Glitter Glue didn't get sticky enough.

Wood Sprite may be my favorite of the collection, and is a deep burgundy brown with crazy light green sparkle.

Verdant Green is a seafoam green, reminds me of mermaids. This has a subtle fuchsia sparkle, a little green as well. It isn't as sparkly as the other ones but the color shift from a light teal to seafoam is really pretty.

Just a pic to show the crazy amounts of sparkle:

Totally Teal is another contender for my favorite in the collection, and is a strong metallic teal with pink and blue sparkle. Absolutely love this.

Dark Crystal is fascinating -- it's black in some lights but under flash, you see more of the purple base. I'd say it's a blackened purple. The truly stunning part of this is the sparkle -- it's got the same green sparkle as Wood Sprite but it's also got fuchsia, brown and some purple sparks too.

The last portion of this post is another new line of shadows, called Rainbow Brite. These are 'highlights', per se, that shift over a darker base. I became obsessed with Sugarpill's Lumi and Pixie Dust from Jessie's Girl, and wanted one in every color. So, Susan came up with an array of colors. I did these in natural light and flash. I also did it over Glitter Glue on the top and over a black eyeliner on the bottom.

Buddy Blue is just as the name states!

Indigo is a blue tinged purple.

Canary is a golden yellow with a bit of a burnished finish.

La La Orange is a sherbet orange with slight red shimmer.

Sky Violet is a blue with a little bit of a purple tinge.

Red Butler (thanks Mandy!) is a purpley-red.

Lucky is a deep emerald green with a shift to teal.

Patty O Green is a chartreuse green with gold shift.

Rainbow Brite is a pink-burgundy.

On-X is a charcoal grey on it's own, but it transforms over a black base to create a sparkly black. This color is really interesting -- it has orange flecks in it, but also grey, blue and even brown. It's not much on it's own but over a darker base, it's gorgeous. I want to try this over a metallic red base to see what happens!

For my FOTD, I used Totally Teal and Wood Sprite Diamond Dusts, and used Buddy Blue to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I really like this look, but I wished I had used Buddy Blue as a brow highlight as well. I used a bronze eyeliner on my waterline (Sephora waterproof pencil in Flashy Brown), Mac MSF in Semi Precious Crystal Pink on the cheeks, and Maybelline Pink Please lipstick with NYX gloss in Chestnut over top.

Pfew, that's all I have for you today! What do you think of the new collections? Is there anything you MUST have? (Hint: I love all of it!)

DISCLAIMER: Post contains products sent for review by owner. This does not change my opinion of said products and I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Oh wow! So many pretty new colors from Susan! She is constantly coming up with new colors and formulas! I love it! Thanks for all the swatches. Love the FOTD you did with the colors!

  2. Oh dear god the sparkles! Really in love with Dark Crystal, it's so drool-worthy!

  3. Yay swatch posts! I looove these. I love the Rainbow Brite collection and how it just totally changes over a black base. (Also, I think there was a typo for Red Butler, it was spelt was Red Butter. :-)) The FOTD is gorgeous as usual. I love the clarity in your EOTD pictures. Everything always looks so crisp and clean.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! (And the descriptions... we all know it's REALLY tough to get accurate pics of some of these more complex colors)
    @Aoife - I agree about Dark Crystal. The Color is MAGIC... And... with a name like that? Can't go wrong! ^_^

  5. HNNNNG. Ok, I did just do a wee, you were right. Mystique, Verdant Green, Dark Crystal and Patty O'Green will be mine.

  6. *drools* I can't freaking wait for both of these collections omg. I want all of these shadows.

  7. Thank you for the post! You were amazing with the blue wig and I love the zombie guy makeup...

  8. Thanks Wendy for the awesome swatches! That shadow combination is amazing. :)

  9. I MUST have Dark Crystal!!! Great look, Totally Teal is just gorgeous!