Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Lipstick Swatch Dump Post

You love lipstick swatches, don't you? I hope you do because I seem to be reviewing tons of lip products lately... geez! I'm also ill at the moment so I don't want to post my sick mug all over the internet.

These were all part of the 75% off clearance at CVS... I went a bit overboard. But hey, none of the colors are like anything else I have. I even got a bright coral!

I'll explain each one separately... numbered them 1 to 5, so left to right.

1) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in "Let Me Pink": I was a bit disappointed with this shade -- it's pretty, but nothing spectacular. The shimmer doesn't transfer well onto the lips. It's their usual good formula and it's an interesting shade -- sort of a spiced berry pink. I'm just not wow'ed, you know?

2) Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in "Coral": Whew! This is BRIGHT. I kinda like it. It makes me want to dye my hair bright red again... le sigh. I don't really have anything like this in my collection, except Milani Orange Gina but that has a lot more gold shimmer, which makes it appear lighter and less vibrant than this. This is not coral, this is hot, sweltering orange.

3) Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in "Lilac": This would normally be less pink on me and more purple, but my lips were stained from trying on so many lipsticks that night. I had swatched about 20 at this point. Coral and Lilac were my first lipsticks from this line and I want to try more! They glide on really nicely and have good staying power. Soft Nude from this line looks like a good dupe for Mac Creme d'Nude (also known as the only nude I feel I can pull off). I also want to try Raspberry... looks pretty.

4) Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in "Bordeaux": I wanted a vampy dark red, and this is indeed a vampy dark red. I didn't apply this with a lip brush and didn't use a lipliner but I would highly recommend doing so. The color is quite messy but the formula is decent - it does dry down to a bit of a matte finish. I only have two others of these, Airy Fairy and Crush (which got ruined in a horrible sun baking accident), and they are a bit drying so I would have to use a clear gloss over top. I'm not sure about this on me... what do you think?

5) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in "Plum Perfect": I should have tried to get better swatches of this lipstick, but I wasn't having much luck. This was apparently my husband's favorite on me, he thought it was "sexy". This is a really deep plum shade with a ton of shimmer. It looks distorted in this photo unfortunately. I'll try to do a FOTD with it so that you can see it isn't so... fig like.

That's pretty much it! Sorry for the lame post. As I said, I am ill and just not feeling into makeup right now. I did a nice eye look today but it was ruined by smudged foiled liner... crap! I am going to try to finish swatching the Kat Von D palette tonight and do some looks over the next day or two!


  1. Coral and Bordeaux are both gorgeous!

  2. I am so wanting that Lilac! Bordeaux looks very pretty on you, suits your coloring so well...

  3. Oh, I love Let Me Pink and Bordeaux on you. So pretty!

  4. *leaves house to get Coral*

    Oh yeah, I like Bordeaux on you!