Monday, January 31, 2011

Blogger Collab: Favorite Purple Eyeshadows

You asked for it so a bunch of us bloggers got together to do an eyeshadow collaboration! We've swatched our favorites and will be doing little posts on each color group. I, of course, choose purple.

Li-Ann did yellows:

Robyn will be doing greens:

Kimmie will be doing blues:

Jade will be doing greys/silvers/blacks:

Rachel will be doing reds and oranges:

Definitely be sure to check their swatches out as well! Who knows, you may find a new favorite :)

Now... when I signed up to do purple, I thought it would be easy because it's my favorite color! Trying to photograph these was near impossible as purple is the hardest to show in a photo. I'm apologizing in advance for some of these being off in color. I also blurred some of them to help show any shimmer that contrasted against the base color. I will be laying them out like I did my favorite purple lipsticks. Let's go!

(You can click on the pics to get full sizes if you want to see more detail)

Make Up For Ever, #92:
Of course this one comes first because it is probably THE purple in a makeup collector's stash. It's not exactly red based and not exactly blue based, just somewhere in between. It is matte but very easy to work with. I have already made a dent in mine, as you can see! ($19)

Urban Decay Deluxe, Ransom:
I have this in the Deluxe Shadow Box but they sell it on it's own. This color is semi common in the purple world... it's a blue based shade with darker purple and pink shimmer. However, Urban Decay's insanely smooth formula wins out here... hence why it's on the list. ($18)

ild Sugar Plum Fairy Palette: This palette has some of the most gorgeous purples on the planet. The swatch on the left is a blurple, but when it starts blending out, turns a lovely shade of grey-purple. Really unique. The right swatch is an exact dupe of Mac Trax, which is a very heavily red based purple with loose gold shimmer. ($4.99, discontinued)

Sleek Bad Girl Palette, Underground:
This is another one of those blue/purple/iridescent shimmer shades like UD Ransom, except this color is much deeper in base tone. It has the most perfect formula (very similar to UD's deluxe formula), plus these palettes are amazing value! Unfortunately, they are only readily available in the UK unless you pay for international shipping. (£6.49, about $10 USD)

Sleek Circus Palette, Pale Purple:
This palette is before Sleek named their eyeshadows. Well, we've gotta have a light purple in here, right? This eyeshadow suffers from some pigmentation issues but I find that it works best over a white base. I've gotten some lovely eye looks from this. (£6.49, about $10 USD, discontinued)

LA Colors Wine and Roses Palette:
This color is so full of depth! It looks very pale in the pan but once you swatch it, the blue undertone and gold shimmer comes out. It may sound like Mac Trax or the one I showed above, but it's not at all. The base tones are completely different. (Price varies, $1-$3.99)

WetnWild Single, Kitten:
I'm realizing that some of these colors may look similar, sorry about that! This is a very pastel purple base with darker purple overtones. There is also some very subtle gold shimmer. Something about this makes it different from the LA Colors palette color. I can't explain it, just take my word for it! This is another color that I've gotten some pretty looks from. ($1.99)

Make Up Academy, #9:
I think every UK beauty blogger has this eyeshadow, and rightfully so! AMAZING price and one of the prettiest purples I own. The color shift is insane (that's why I have 2 swatched shots... it looks different in both!) and it transfers onto the eye very well. If you don't have this and you're in the UK, go get it, like now. If you're not in the UK, I will be bringing back 10,000 of these when I visit there next to give to people :D (£1, about $1.35)

Barry M Dazzledust, Winterberry:
I don't have an actual jar of this, it's a sample from Robyn so you get one picture :) Anyway, this almost didn't make it into the purple category but when I photographed it, I went "PURPLE SHIFT! It's eligible." Anyway, I wanted to feature it. Amazing color... sadly only available in the UK. I know, sorry! This is fantastic for those fall/winter looks with metallics... I like to pair it with golds and darker purples. (£4.59, about $6.20USD)

High Voltage Cosmetics, Born to Rock and Movie Star:
Do me a favor and blow that picture up, because the small photo DOES NOT do these two justice. Born to Rock is a medium blue-purple with a stunning lighter blue shift. It is almost identical to Fyrinnae's Faerie Glamour, but I put this on here instead because Faerie Glamour and I broke up. That's right, we're not on speaking terms right now... anyway, Movie Star is in the same family as MUA #9 but softer, and it also has a lovely gold shimmer. ($1.00 - sample size, $4.50 - full size)

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, Purple Snap:
I was going to save this as I just got it, but I had to include it. I had a really hard time photographing this and am still honestly not happy with the result. The deep, metallic purple shimmer in this is outrageous! It's such an amazing shade of purple... more red based than blue. I will do a full review on these later (I have another, and may be getting more :3) ($19, this shade exclusive to Sephora)

Well, that's it! What did you think? As usual, is there anything I NEED in my collection? Let me know!


  1. get stars and rockets by MAC!! amazing. FIG 1 is good too...even though is just a little darker that the MUFE 92

  2. @Hershley: I actually have StarsnRockets :) I just consider it more pink so I didn't include it here! Fig 1 is pretty, I just stay away from Mac's purples like that because they make my eyes look SO tired for some reason. I tend to stay more blue based :) But it is a very nice color!

  3. A bunch of great purples! Love the to High Voltage colors, especially Born to Rock! What a fun collaboration!

  4. I think you did a great job showing the colours, especially with the MUA duochrome! I own that colour too, and love it :P

    I find the lilac in the Sleek Circus palette so disappointing, but the other purple in the palette more than makes up for it. Actually, I'm wearing it right now :P

  5. @The Peach: Thanks :) High Voltage does amazing purples!

    @Student's Guide: Thanks!! I originally didn't like the light purple but I've used it over a sticky, white base a few times and have come to like it somehow!

  6. Gah so pretty! I have a million purple shadows too. I love the look of that Make Up Academy one.

  7. Omg purple snap is gorgeous! I so need is going on my list ASAP! Great post :)

  8. I LOVE Purple Snap! How adorable! And I may have to go and get that Wine and Roses palette for that one shade!

    ...Also, I may have swatched all of my greens. ooops.

    Oh! And if anyone reading wants a UK CP, let me know.

  9. I love Purple Snap!! I snapped it up (hurr) as soon as it was available, along with Tidal Rave. They're sheerer than most of the other Benefit cream shadows, but they're both gorgeous colors! (And for some reason, in my wee brain, "cream shadows" and "paint pots" weren't considered eligible for my list of golds...otherwise I would have included MAC's Soft Ochre! See, that's what I get for being such an overachiever. /wipes egg off face)

  10. If you can get hold of GOSH (if you're getting a CP or if you're over here or whatnot) try to get hold of their effects dust in Butterfly. It will NOT photograph... It's on the sheerer side but it has this awesome blue shift that's just insane. I'm tempted to try it over a black base and see what comes of it.

  11. Beautiful purples! I love those High Voltage shades, so pretty! And the MUA one is lovely, I need to wear it more often! I suggest some Sugarpill purples, they're soo pretty :)

  12. These are so pretty! I definitely need Ransom!