Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As Seen By Wendy #1

Sort of a new thingy I will do once in a while. These posts will be a random scattering of photos with only a few words.

HUGE icicles laced in a tree outside of my house. The tree was basically an icicle.

Charla, Savita and Harley looking gorgeous. This is what I got for myself as my 3 free polishes from Zoya.

Another turtle necklace that I got from a friend.

Finally, a preview of an upcoming review...


  1. Love the turtle necklace =] my favorite animal!

  2. Palette looks great, looking forward to the review!

  3. :O omg look at that tree!! I love the ZOYA nail polishes you got, lucky girl! ;) x

  4. palette looks gorgeous =)

    and WOW at the icicles! I have never seen anything like that before..

  5. Hi! I just started following your blog :) I read your 15 questions and loved your answers :) I can't wait to see your review on that Kat Von D palette! I've been eyeballing it lately :)