Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Fyrinnae stuffs! Swatches too.

I got a literal ton of Fyrinnae stuff from my parents for Christmas. I actually squealed audibly when I opened the package. I made a wishlist and gave it to them, not expecting to get EVERYTHING on the list... I forgot who I was dealing with and ended up with so much stuff. I figured I'd show it!

I swatched these with no base originally. The photos sat in my "unreviewed" folder for weeks and I decided to re-do them one night over Pixie Epoxy. Fyrinnae's colors are pretty on their own but something was off with my photos. Anyway, onto the swatches and FOTDs!

Top Row:
Meerkat, Snow Bunny, Parental Advisory
Bottom Row: Fujiro, Faerie Glamour, Blue Whale

Meerkat: I got this from seeing it on Robyn's blog (I think?) and the color is just stunning. It's a medium purple with multi (mostly gold) shimmer and lighter purple undertones.
Snow Bunny: This is a pale lilac with a heavy iridescent flash. Gorgeous, but a bit powdery and tends to get muddy while blending over Pixie Epoxy. I had some difficulty with it.
Parental Advisory: I see this color and just think BAM! It's an insanely bright true purple (shows blue here) with magenta sparkle. Fantastic.
Fujiro: This is a hard color to describe... it's a cornflower blue with pink shimmer... sort of...
Faerie Glamour: Similar to High Voltage's Born to Rock, it's a blurple that shifts between a medium lilacy purple and a light blue. Interesting, but I had some issues with this shade as well.
Blue Whale: These don't look as similar in real life, I promise. This is a medium blue with purple and pink shimmer. Applies very nicely.

Another pic of Meerkat, and a photo at a different angle of the bottom three colors (and a bit of Parental Advisory)

Top Row:
Polar Bear, Lucky Charmed, Boytoy
Bottom Row: Tyr, Leif, Sleepy Hollow

Polar Bear: OMG... this color is amazing. That is all. It's a really good highlight for greens and golds... the color shift is awesome!
Lucky Charmed: This is a bronzey, vintage gold with a green undertone and teal sparks. Yes, I said sparks because they're not quite sparkles... you try to photograph them and they're gone, then they're there again!
Boytoy: A deep emerald green with a ton of lighter green and dark green glitter. Heavy on the fallout but gorgeous, so it's worth it.
Tyr: Godddd, can we get a more perfect green? This has a slight olive tone but is so deep and sexy. Love it!
Leif: Grass green with yellow and red sparkles. Very metallic.
Sleepy Hollow: Can I even describe this? It's a VERY vibrant blue with a teal shift and loose sparkles. I find myself staring at it and seeing more in it each time I do. One of my favorites.

Lucky Charmed and Boytoy posing for their close ups.

Top Row:
Snow Leopard and Daemon's Tail
Bottom Row: STFU and Mephisto

Snow Leopard: This and Daemon's Tail swatched poorly for some reason. Snow Leopard is a fantastic, nearly matte silvery taupe. I love it!
Daemon's Tail: Very complex burgundy with a load of other shimmers tossed in. Quite gorgeous... applies a little lighter than it swatches though, which is strange.
STFU: Ha! Love the name. Interesting burnt orange with loose orange sparkles. Surprisingly the fallout is pretty minimal with this, all things considered.
Mephisto: Man, what the hell IS this color? It shifts the second you think you know what it is... watch!

Is it red? Is it purple? Is that a gold shift? omgwtf. It's such a COOL color. It's got a matte purple overtone that shifts to a metallic golden red in certain lights. Really unique and quite possibly the most awesome eyeshadow I own, haha.

I had no real issues with these colors. I think I was having an off day when I tried a look with Snow Bunny, Faerie Glamour, Sleepy Hollow and Parental Advisory though. Nothing was blending right... specifically, Faerie Glamour and Snow Bunny were blending into a murky greenish purple color. It was really unattractive! I haven't had the courage to mess with them since so if I manage to finish that look, I will post it!

I do have two other looks to show you... the first is Polar Bear, Snow Leopard, Lucky Charmed and Boytoy. On my cheeks I had one of the blushes I got (that I lost the swatch of, rawr!) called Seduce. It's a pale purple that I was expecting to make me corpse like, but instead gave me a beautiful glow! I guess that's why they're called glow blushes :). No idea what was on my lips though... it may have been Maybelline Pink Please with Mac Springbean over top?

The other was one I really liked... it was Leif (on the lid), Tyr, Daemon's Tail and STFU (on the lower lash line). The blush was the other one I got, called Enchant. VERY intense color, but pretty. On the lips was Mac Flurry of Fun lipglass, I think (I really need to write this stuff down...). I was hoping Daemon's Tail would be a little darker but I still liked the look. Come to think of it, I think I used a bit of Evil Shades Wyvern to blend out the edges as well.

That's all for me! Until next time...


  1. great make up.
    i like this eyeshadows ;)
    This dark blue on right at first pic is awesome ;)

    xoxo ;*
    follow me if u want:
    Im following u now :)

  2. The last lotd is aaaaamazing! Lucky Charmed, Tyr and Mephisto are on my list now!

  3. Meerkat is gorgeous! It's on my list for my next order. And Mephisto is so unique and amazing, I've never seen anything else like it. :) Woot, Fyrinnae! Your parents are awesome, lol!

  4. Such beautiful colors! Love the looks you did with them! What a nice Christmas surprise to get everything on your Fyrinnae wishlist!

  5. Oh God they're all stunning! I neeeeed more Fyrinnae! Mephisto is absolutely amazing. Why are purples so awful to photograph?

  6. I love looking at swatches. I have so many colors I want to get now. Thanks for posting them!

  7. I love the last look! I think I need to make another order now! I've been wanting Meerkat for such a long time!

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