Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GIVEAWAY: 300 Followers! **CLOSED**

I've reached 300 followers and I am SO excited! I want to thank everyone for being so supportive. When I started doing this blog, I didn't expect anyone to ever read it.

I wanted to celebrate reaching 300 but also celebrate the new year... so I figured a giveaway would be the perfect chance!

Here's what you have the chance of winning:

- e.lf. Get The Look: Day to Night
- e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss set
- e.l.f. Beauty Encyclopedia - Neutrals Edition
- Stila Fabulous in Fiji mini palette
- China Glaze Sugar Plums nail polish
- China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses nail polish (very hard to find, from Holiday 2010)
- Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Famous (new!)

I really liked the e.l.f. items I got for myself and wanted to give some away, and I heard nothing but good things about the polishes so I thought they'd go great in the giveaway!

Here are the rules:
1) As usual, you must be a follower of my blog. HOWEVER, in this giveaway I will be automatically giving all of my current followers one entry. If you find this post and follow (so if you're after 305), you will obviously be included as well. All followers will be counted up to the deadline of the giveaway.
*If you subscribe in some other way, please tell me. I will be unable to see anyone that does not show in my Google Friend Connect.

2) For an additional entry, you can leave a comment on this post telling me what you'd like to see more of on this blog.

3) The contest will end on January 16, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time.

4) I will announce the winner within 48 hours and they will then have 48 hours to contact me, or I will choose another winner! I can be reached at guitarsoloist07@yahoo.com

5) Please DO NOT leave your email information anywhere in the comments. This is to protect your information and also prevent any bots from spamming you. They prey on giveaway posts. I will be forced to remove any comments containing said information.

Of course I do this.
- 1 additional entry: Follow CydonianMU on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. Please @ me in the tweet so that I can see it and count it.
- 1 additional entry: "Like" Turtle Beauty on Facebook and spread the giveaway post on your wall. Please tag Turtle Beauty so that I can see it.
- 2 additional entries: Post this giveaway on your own personal blog. As usual, blogs made solely for giveaway will NOT count.
- 5 additional entries: Create an original makeup look using some form of glitter... it can be glitter eyeliner, loose glitter on your lips, anything! Go for it! It must be for this giveaway only. You can post it on your blog and link it to me, or you can email me your photos. If you email them, please hold up a sign with your email address so that I know the pictures are yours.

Good luck everyone and I wish I could give a present to all of you! Thanks so much, again.


  1. I'd like to simply see more of what you're already doing. I particularly like your photo tutorials.

  2. YAY!! i really need to post my give away soon too, I would love to see more LOTD and I love how honest you are, so I would to hear more about what you think of products

  3. i follow you on bloglovin' :) I may follow on gfc, i don't remember but i def follow and read every post on bloglovin

  4. Congrats !!!! I Went crazy when I got 50 followers on new years day haha !

    This is a great giveaway. I would like to see makeup looks and more reviews :)

    I will be posting this giveaway on my blog and also doing the glitter look cos it sounds so fun. Can't wait for tomorrow ! Yay !

    Congrats once again !

  5. I'm already a follower (one of the current 305)

    I'd like to see more lip swatches, the ones you do look rather elegant so more is always better!

  6. What a fun giveaway :) I have that Stila palette and love it!

  7. I would like to see more drug store makeup reviews. I love the reviews so far.

  8. I would love to see more tutorials! I remember you doing one not so long ago (with the Naked palette, i think) and it was gooooood!

  9. Enter me please! I'm one of your "old" followers.

    I would love to see more tutorials.

    Posted your giveaway in my side bar:

    Followed you on twitter and Tweeted about your giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/wednesdei/status/22503831552131072

    Liked you FB page (Bec San Diego)


  10. Congrats on the 300 followers! Isn't the blogging community awesome!?

    I'd just like to continuing to see looks and reviews. I think you do GREAT reviews!

  11. I'm a current follower. :) I follow on GFC under the name Lace Escapades, but my actual name is Kieran. :)

    I would like to see more photo tutorials, because I really, really love the ones you do already!

  12. Very cool giveaway, and very generous. I would love to see more FOTD, they are so inspiring. Reviews are great too.

  13. I like the photo tutorials and FOTD/looks the best I think. I followed a link from Makeup Geek and followed you after I got a clue about how to use that feature, but I was reading regularly before that. We have the same shade skin along with very similar coloring in general, so when I see your pics I can get a pretty decent idea of how these products/shades would look on me and that's really helpful.

  14. I'm a current follower :D
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway :)
    gfc: quinieleong

    I would love to see more product reviews :)

    follow on twitter and tweeted

    blog post

  15. I'd love to see more reviews on skincare products

    emiliana.sison AT gmail.com

    GFC follower as luckyfinds

    Liked you on facebook and shared this contest on my facebook account (Emiliana sison) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1664153017564&set=a.1613983523358.81288.1649425764

    Following CydonianMU on Twitter as millette05 and tweeted - http://twitter.com/millette05/status

  16. I would love to see more Makeup Review!! And Haul's they are My Favourites!

    My Twitter Is @steviemarie89I requested to follow CydoniauMU And Tweeted! "join in @CydonianMU 's 300 followers giveaway" http://cydonianmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/01/giveaway-300-followers.html

    Love Stevie xx

  17. Thanks for the giveaway!!! You know I am a follower. :)

    I already like you on facebook and on twitter.
    I tweeted this giveaway too!

    I did a blog sidebar post about this giveaway:

    I would love to see more tutorials and I always love your reviews!!!

    Congrats on the followers girl!!!


  18. Hello! You don't say if the giveaway is open to world wike, I write to you from Spain, and I'm a new follower!
    Thank you!

  19. I am always interested in swatches :D

  20. Great giveaway! :)
    I follow you via GFC as Helena.

    I also follow you on twitter (XOXOParisky) and have twitted: http://twitter.com/XOXOParisky/statuses/22621884046647296

    I would like to see more of bloggers collaborations (like you did with the lipsticks) :)

  21. Already follow via GFC before 305 as Monik.
    I want to see more giveaway and hauls! :)

    Follow CydonianMU on Twitter as @monikaretnani and tweet about this giveaway here.
    "Like" Turtle Beauty on Facebook as Monika Lintang Retnani and spread the giveaway post here.
    Post this giveaway on my giveaway page here.

    Thanks, hope I'll win this time. :)

  22. What an awesome give away!

    I always love tutorials, and photo tutorials especially, so please keep those coming! I also really enjoy if you can compare two similar products (such as high-end vs buget) in a full-out battle :-) And I love background stories, history, cross cultural and all other different sidebars on beauty. And smart DIY tips & tricks are always welcome!

    I follow you on twitter and GFC as DalaLuz, and here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/DalaLuz/status/22690259670147073 I want to add you to my Bloglovin' but couldn't find how to yet, but I am sure I'll figure that out :-)

  23. Hey, I am already a follower through GFC.
    I would love to see more photo tutorials. I love ur tutorials which are already there and enjoy reading them a lot. Thanks :)

  24. Hello hello and what a fun giveaway. I've been wanting to see those Stila palettes, so this is awesome!

    So 10 entries possible? Sign me up!

    I follow via GFC

    I follow via Twitter and tweeted last night via @Baroque_Babylon

    I likee on FB and posted on my wall: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Turtle-Beauty/143025935750203?ref=ts&v=wall#!/profile.php?id=1398146582

    I will do a glitter look today: http://www.baroque-in-babylon.blogspot.com

    Thank you! Good luck everyone!

  25. I follow via GFC.

    I follow you on twitter as well and by the time I'm done with this comment I'll have tweeted about your giveaway.

    I already liked you on facebook :)

    I'd like to see more LOTD's and I like your reviews. Keep up the great work!

    I'd love to do a glitter look for ya, but I'm having some emergency dental work done tomorrow and I'm not sure I'll get around to it...but we'll see :)

  26. More photo tutorials I guess :)

    chishabee at gmail dot com @iamchibee

    will post a look later this week!

  27. Following via GFC

    Follow you on twitter (@JYTBB) and tweeted about this giveaway.

    I'd love to see more tutorials. Those are always my favorite things to see on make up blogs because it gives me new ideas and they're fun!

  28. What a great prize! I follow you on gfc & twitter (@Flopzak) and i am goinig to tweet about this giveaway.

    What I like to see more about this blog? Hmm that's difficult because i follow you since now, but when i look trough your blog, maybe you can make some video's? (:

  29. Amazing giveaway! I am already a follower :D, I follow on twitter as elenh_, i will tweet now and you will see it :)

    Hm, generally I love watching NOTDs, creativity and imagination is a huge plus for me! However, I'm satisfied from your blog!
    The prizes are fantastic!

  30. Hi!
    Amazing giveaway!
    GFC - Rosalina
    I follow you on twitter - lady164
    I tweeted - https://twitter.com/lady164/status/22726527770697729
    I "like" you on facebook (Rosalina Filimonova)

  31. Hi,
    Enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I liked you on FB (Adriana Camelia Andrasescu-Scrieciu) and posted you on my wall :http://www.facebook.com/andrasescu.camelia#!/andrasescu.camelia/posts/116402565098324

  32. Great giveaway!
    What I want to see more... more nail polish swatches!

  33. Sorry,I forgot to say that I like to see more reviews.

  34. Hey, I am already a follower through GFC. Yssik

    Enter me plz!
    I would love to see photo/videos tutorials.

    Thanks :)

  35. Yay, I'm a new follower :] recommended by Priscilla.

    I'm new so I'd love to read more about your blog in the future.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  36. You're locked on Twitter, but I am pending :) I tweeted here http://twitter.com/erinmacmahon/status/22908949112033280 I also follow you here as eRiN.

    And what I'd like to see more of? The post that originally led me here: The purple lip post! More of that type of comparison-swatch post would be great, it really helps when someone like me feels a burning need to get some ___ lipstick/ gloss (purple, red, orange, whatever)

  37. I'm following (and followed previously). I would like to see more reviews

  38. Hi, I'm already a follower!
    Here's my tweet - http://twitter.com/#!/shala_darkstone/status/22977767624675328
    I "like" your blog on Facebook (FB name: Maddie Brubaker). Here's my post: http://www.facebook.com/shala.darkstone/posts/120360918033994
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  39. i follow as vanity
    i would like to see more of reviews, dupes alert!
    i blogged it here http://vanity-noapologies.blogspot.com/2011/01/monthly-giveaway-round-up.html

  40. I like to see more tutorials.

    follower via GFC as westerneyes11

    request twitter follower as Amaiatxu26 and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/Amaiatxu26/status/22985149197066240

    thanks!! :)

  41. Awesome giveaway, thanks! I follow via GFC as Xeno.

    I would like to see even more rewievs and comparisons. :)

  42. Yay! Another giveaway! :P

    I've been a follower for soooo lonnng now :P

    And I'd love to see more tutorials! A Sleek Storm one to be precise :D

    I tweeted about your giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/plohotnuke/status/23179302577111040

    I also Like you on Facebook, but have no idea of how to tag you there! I know I did it once, but... hey, it was long time ago and I am an old, forgetful lady! :P

    And I posted your giveaway in my sidebar: http://bhamlady.blogspot.com/


  43. I like your blog as it is with a little bit of everything. I do enjoy your EOTD and photo tutorials.
    I have popped a link to the giveaway in my blogs sidebar too :-)

  44. enter me, i am a follower via GFC
    i would like some DIY stuff also in the blog

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  46. I'm following you and I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    I would love to see more makeup tutorials! I love those so much :)

    I can be contacted through my profile page
    (my blog and email is there)


  47. Hi! I've just found your blog and I'm a follower! I've tweeted your giveaway (I'm @pinksugarbeauty and I've added your link to my blog http://pinksugarbeauty.blogspot.com)
    Have a great weekend! :-) xx

  48. hi!
    those prizes are awesome!
    please count me in!
    i'm a new follower.. :)

    -i would love to see more swatches and product reviews. tutorials are great too! love the one with the golden goddess palette coz i don't have any idea on what looks to do with it!

    -liked you on fb(dioana d.) and posted on my wall:

    ~snow0016 at yahoo dot com

  49. I am a follower via GFC shaimaa

    I would like to see more makeup look and it would be cool to do a arabic style makeup
    also makeup swatches

    Follow CydonianMU on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway

    "Like" Turtle Beauty on Facebook and spread the giveaway post Shaimaa Ali


    Post this giveaway here


  50. i'm a follower on gfc
    i'd loved to see more tutorials or something like that, inspiration!

  51. Hi Sweety

    I am a follower via GFC : Tania

    I would love to see more make up looks :-) including evening / smoky looks .

    I did a blog post about the giveaway :

    Thank So Much
    Hugs & Kisses


  52. enter me please
    I am a follower through gfc

    Thanks for such a good giveaway!

  53. What an awesome giveaway, I love ELF :D:D
    I am now following through GFC, and I like seeing dupes of products or reviews and all that. Oh and also favourites posts :):)

  54. Enter Me
    GFC- Kayotic
    I would like to see more product reviews
    Facebook- Kay Speaks

  55. aww, this is a great giveaway its got everything! :)

    please enter me.

    gfc name: miss savealittle
    blog post: http://misssavealittle.blogspot.com/2011/01/turtle-beauty-giveaway-ending-0116.html
    i love your FOTDs so more of it please! :)

  56. I'm a brand new follower with gfc (nciolthepickle).
    I'd like to see blush tutorials. I'm not good at that.

    Do Spam bots find your email if you write it like this?
    I don't think they do. Could be wrong though.
    Thanks :)

  57. Lovely giveaway! Enter me please!

    - GFC Username: Arisa Lee
    - I would like to see more product reviews and swatches. Oh and I would like to know some cheaper makeup alternatives and dupes!
    - Followed you on Twitter as arisaayanami.
    - Tweeted: Click here

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    contactarisalee at yahoo dot com
    (don't worry it's my public e-mail ad)

  58. Hauls, makeup collections and reviews are my favs

  59. I'm a current GFC follower.
    I would love to see more photo tutorials.
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  60. enter me please!

    lucyy_h at hotmail dot com

  61. i really like your blog, hmm maybe more reviews! :)

  62. Oh yipee! :) Thanks for the additional entry for existing followers :)

    Hmmm I think i'd love to see more of your hauls...maybe sneak in a couple of foodie pics ? :)

  63. Hi there !
    I am already follower trough google friend connecter name liz. I would like to merry this gorgeous giveaway !
    Follow you in twitter name dokidokico and twit here http://twitter.com/#!/dokidokico/status/25018226731646976
    I spread your giveaway in my blog here http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/12/december-january-giveaways.html

    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  64. Congrats on reaching 300 followers! I follow through GFC as Sterling Morgenstern & am on Twitter as Morgensterling. I loved your purple lipstick swatchfest, I think it would be cool to do more colour sets, it's always fun to see comparisons, especially cross-brand, it helps show the uniqueness of each product and showcases different brands/colours people might not have considered before. Thanks and Cheers!

  65. congrats! 300 already :D
    love your blog as it is but i love seeing you EOTDs or LOTDs :) and thanks for giving such honest reviews on products :)

  66. i follow yu
    gfc - thtgurl

  67. Congrats!!! I am a follower
    gfc Olga
    Keep up the good work!!

  68. I follow as malkatz on GFC.


  69. I would love to see more giveaways on the blog. :)


  70. Sorry! I wrote my email on the above comment.

    I would love to see more giveaways on the blog. :)

  71. Followed and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/giveawaygirlie/status/25392017232101376

  72. "Liked" and posted- http://www.facebook.com/malkatz/posts/178722018835154

  73. I just discovered your blog and I do not write very good English so I'll make it short. I looked around a bit and it seems very well done. Many review, tutorials. I really like it. Perhaps I would to see more LOTD. Anyway, be sure I will come back and not only for giveaways... :-)

  74. I'd love to enter this :) i'm following as Jennifer on GFC. i'd love to see more hauls esp on Asian makeup products ^_^



  75. Hi~

    I'm already following via GFC as Isabel.

    Whatever you're writing now is already fine but I guess I particularly like to see swatches and comparisons of cheap and exp items ^^ And oh, hauls too.

    Posted in my blog : http://sugarcoatedmuffin.blogspot.com/2011/01/january-giveaways.html

    I actually did the glitter look but on one eye only. Crap.. So I'll see if I have time for a full face.

    Thanks! ^^

  76. Hi :)

    I'm following via GFC as Casey Aimee.

    I'd love to see any dupe posts with high end items swatched next to drug store products.

  77. Hi,

    I follow via GFC as angel.
    Would like to see more haul and tutorial on your blog.


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  81. aw this is a fab give away hun!! your very good!! i just found your blog and im loving it keep up the good work :)
    love saz xx

  82. Yay! I am a follower!!! ^__^

    ♥I want to see more product reviews and inspired looks… =)
    ♥♥ Twitter follower and tweeted… =)
    Link: http://twitter.com/#!/angelamhiere/status/25031696797671424
    ♥♥♥ Liked your FB page and tagged it you on my post… =)
    ♥♥♥♥ Placed it on my sidebar…
    Link: http://angelamhiereslittleheaven.blogspot.com/

    Good luck to us ladies!!! ^__^

  83. I follow in GFC as Donna J but it somehow goes through my twitter, which I never use, instead of my blogger profile. Anyway, I am an old follower, one of the 305.

    What I liked was learning more about you when you answered the fifteen questions. Not that I think you should do that again! But it's nice to see the human side of bloggers instead of just the beauty products. I like when bloggers talk about themselves, their other interests,, and their lives in general, as much as they are comfortable with.

  84. I have recently followed you via GFC by the name of 'TEEZLES' and having gone through your blog after a while, I have noticed that you should do NOTDs, DIY/craft posts or tips for everyday use? That would be fabulous. I'm not sure if this counts but I also liked your Facebook page already.

  85. Hello , enter me please.
    I am a new follower who was seeking Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer Review and saw yours! informative review,thank you :)

    I am following you as "your style is your signature" , i would like to see more reviews coz that helps us to learn about the products we would buy!

    Thank you .

  86. Enter me.
    Follower: lady-flower123
    I sent u follow reques on twitter (lady_flower123)

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