Monday, January 3, 2011

Important Alert: Email Spam

Hi guys, just a quick post...

Stavroula has unfortunately brought to my attention that a bot of some kind has gotten emails from one of my giveaway posts (or something) and has started spamming my followers' emails. I have 3 people, including myself, saying that they've received an email from "jane" with a title of "Hello Friend" saying they got your email from my website. I did not give anyone's emails out... just to let you know.

Regardless, do not open this email, do not respond, simply delete it. I use Yahoo and it went immediately to my spam filter. I wanted to let everyone know. I am going to go in and delete any giveaway entries that did not use the someone at yahoo dot com format for their email.

I'm really sorry guys!!!


  1. grah, why do people even bother to create spam?! really! i get so many stupid e-mails asking for my mercy (lol) and support. I mean - really, people?! :)) sorry, this happened to your followers :(

  2. That sucks. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I hope it gets settled quick.