Thursday, January 13, 2011

Final Review: CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks

A while back I tried out two lipsticks from the CoverGirl Lip Perfection line and did my review on them (you can find it here). I have now gotten another shade and would like to complete my review.

Nothing much has changed from my original thoughts, but I have gotten a shade that isn't as frosty as the Kiss and Sweetheart, and I am quite pleased with it.

I found the display at Target... they were selling for $5.99 which is $2 cheaper than Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens so I allowed myself to pick one. Choosing only one was very difficult, for the record. I grabbed this one (Siren) and kept putting it back indecisively... it doesn't look very interesting from the tube, does it? I expected it to be a standard hot pink but when I swatched it, I was greeted with an awesome surprise!

Look at all of that glitter... that ACTUALLY transfers! This color is seriously gorgeous. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the spring and summer. It's a little lighter when swatched but on the lips, it goes on more pigmented and is a rich pink with medium pink and gold shimmer. The finish on this is completely different from the two frosts I picked up previously. While those are more moisturizing, this one is definitely more flattering.

Just FYI, I've noticed that if the shade is frosty, the color "swatch" on the bottom of the tube will show that -- it will have an iced look about it. I couldn't tell the difference until I put Kiss and Siren next to each other and then I could really see it.

For wear, I applied it at 8:00AM and at 12:30PM, the color was still holding strong. It had faded a little, but I ate a banana after applying it and also drank water. I reapplied after lunch around 1PM and by the time dinner rolled around at 7PM, the color was still PERFECT. No feathering or anything, and that was with no lip liner. It did fade while eating but left a nice stain behind.

I have some photos but the fresh applied photo was taken with flash and the 4 hours of wear photo was taken outdoors... the important part is that you can see it on my lips and what it looks like outside, even after wearing for a while:

As I said, the photos are a huge difference because of the light differences, the color had not faded much at all. Notice the lack of feathering, also. Even though this has loose glitter, none of it ended up around my mouth or stuck in my hair! I am really, really impressed with CoverGirl's formula on these.

This one was a little drier than the frosts, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. There are 44 shades to choose from and if I had to make a recommendation, I would DEFINITELY recommend this... 100%, no questions asked. It's a great lipstick.

Just for fun, my friend Amanda picked up "Hot" at the same time as I picked up Siren. This is the color you see Taylor Swift wearing in the promotional photos... she was nice enough to let me show her wearing it and also a swatch on the back of her hand :)

Obviously I haven't worn it but the red is slightly orangey but watching her apply it, it looked SO effortless! I am debating getting that shade or Flame, which looks a little darker and more suitable to me. She is very similar coloring to me but she can pull off orange reds for some reason (think it's her eye color).

Last thing, knowing you guys love comparisons, she snapped a quick photo of Hot between Mac Heartless and their slimshine in Urgent! (Hot is in the middle here):

Hopefully that helps you guys with making decisions on these colors! I wish I could buy every color and swatch it for you but... uhhh... yeah... I would be insane. I may pick up Entwined and if I do, I will swatch it :)


  1. both lipsticks color are very appealing in their own way...I prefer Siren more than Hot though =) It's more wearable and super pretty! The other lipstick color suits your friend a lot (=^_^=)

  2. Great detailed review, I'm always afraid when a lipstick is so shimmery that I'll end up with glitter mouth..and chin...and cheek ;) Glad to hear that's not the case, such a pretty color and impressive staying power!

  3. Both not shades I would wear but I like the shimmer ^^ Also, that red looks awesome on your friend!

  4. Gorgous lipstick! Love the glitter in it.

  5. Both shades look gorgeous! I love siren more, but i do like the red too! :D

  6. These are beautiful! And this was a helpful post. I need to make myself start wearing lipstick more often >.<

  7. They look really good! Also your friend is stunning!