Friday, May 20, 2011

More High Voltage Cosmetics Swatches!


*Scheduled post while I am away on vacation. Comments will be replied to as I'm able to use the computer, thanks!*

I am so... so... SO late on this. I ordered this ages ago, swatched it ages ago, and haven't had a chance to post the pics. I feel bad, forgive me? Anyway, I don't have any FOTDs or anything to post with this. I have used the items in looks, but I've never had time to photograph them. I will do a separate post with some looks, I promise! I just got over a cold so between that and moving kicking my butt, I've really been neglecting the blog.

Here is what I ordered and the price:
Eyeshadow samples ($1.00-$1.25): Heart Throb, Electric Guitar, Plaid Skirt, Pirate, Girl From Mars, Sour Girl, Icy Clouds, Lips of an Angel, London Calling and Lust for Life.
Amplified Lips (not sure of price as it's discontinued, assuming around $4): Alter-Ego
Lip Candy (currently $6.50, not sure if that's how much I paid): Just a Girl and Fire Woman

Sorry for the confusion on the prices. I emailed Jasmine my order as she was running a 50% off sale, and then got a basic invoice with the amount. I didn't have a price break down :(. Either way, I paid $16.50 for all of this, with shipping. She also included free samples of Rainbow in the Dark and Teenage Riot eyeshadows.
Everything came packaged neatly and nicely, as usual. My Alter-Ego Amplified Lips tube was unfortunately busted and would not turn up, however. I got in touch with the owner, Jasmine, and she sent me a replacement. That won't twist down quite right so I have to push on it... oh well, it happens. I think she discontinued these for the moment anyway.

Onto the swatches!

Left to right: Alter-Ego, Fire Woman and Just a Girl

Alter-Ego is a deep magenta with a faint blue shift. As much as I love the color, the application is quite sloppy and messy with this. They are pretty wet and I feel like it doesn't ever fully dry... color is a bit patchy. Maybe she'll bring it back in a different form?
Fire Woman is an amazing creamy pinky coral. Jasmine recommended this for my skintone and hair and I'm glad she did! I need to compare this to Mac Ever Hip because I think they will be quite similar. The formula on the Lip Candies is fantastic; very pigmented and smooth. They are a little drying but they stick around for a long time, so it's worth it.
Just a Girl is a crazy pigmented lavender purple. This is absolutely beautiful. I get so many compliments when I'm wearing it! (This may sneak into my bag for England...)

Next up: eyeshadows. All of these are over Pixie Epoxy.

Left to right: Lust for Life, Icy Clouds, London Calling and Plaid Skirt

Lust for Life is a satin grey blue. There's a bit of shimmer but it's nearly matte. This color is really unique!
Icy Clouds is a pale sky blue, same formula as Lust for Life. Again, quite unique and I'm happy to add this to my collection.
London Calling is a medium satin grey with a hint of pink sparkle. How pretty would this be paired with Lust for Life and Icy Clouds?
Plaid Skirt is a bright pale green with slight gold shimmer. This is awesome but similar to Starbreaker, which I already have.

Left to right: Lips of an Angel, Heart Throb, Girl From Mars and Sour Girl

Lips of an Angel is a really strange color. When you look at it in the bag, it looks like a clay red but swatched, it's a deep taupey, chocolate brown. I can't find it on the site right now so I can't even say what Jasmine describes it as!
Heart Throb is also a weird color. In my mind (from the website description), I pictured a tomato red with greeny gold shift... but in person it's more like a burny orange with green and gold shift. HOWEVER, this is amazing. It makes me think of Dragon's Blood or something... stunning.
Girl From Mars is another amazing shade. It's a blackened burgundy with pink and purple shimmer. Interesting!
Sour Girl is a bit similar to other shades I have from High Voltage -- it's a bright blurple. This went on a little patchy but that could be from a lack of Pixie Epoxy near my knuckle.

Left to right:  Teenage Riot, Electric Guitar, Rainbow in the Dark and Pirate

Teenage Riot has a black base with purple and blue laid over top. Hard to describe but it really comes to life over Pixie Epoxy. This is a bit similar to Sugar Minuet from Darling Girl (which I showed the other day) but this is a little darker.
Electric Guitar is a deep navy with subtle gold shift and maybe a bit of red lurking in there? Weird color, again... but really pretty.
Rainbow in the Dark is an amazing silver with well, rainbow glitter! I saw it in the bag and thought 'meh' but the rainbowness comes out when used and swatched!
Pirate is the only color I was disappointed in from my order. The black base is patchy. However, it has nice gold/bronze shimmer.

With the exception of Pirate and maybe a bit of sadness from having similar colors to Plaid Skirt and Sour Girl, I like everything I got! I feel like Jasmine's shadows are so complex and interesting. I originally swatched them with no primer and felt like they were dull and lifeless. I need to get used to the fact that loose shadows NEED Pixie Epoxy or a sticky base to really show their 'true colors' (teehee).

Definitely check High Voltage out if you're searching for an array of fun colors! I really want to order the entire sample set of the new Norse Mythology collection... the duochromes look nom nom.


  1. I love heart throb! You should definitely check out her Norse mythology collection for more unique, complex and duochrome-y colours! :D

  2. So pretty! I haven't tried any HV lip candies, but have heard great things about them! I would almost order Fire Woman for the name alone. Its one of my favorite songs!

  3. Girl From Mars is gorgeous, just up my alley! I love beautiful reds.

  4. I need Heart Throb, Icy Clouds and Plaid Skirt! And Rainbow in The Dark *sings* I'm waiting on 2 HV orders and I can't bloody wait, you know I love the Lip Candies!

  5. Ooooh I might have to look into Fire Woman because She's Got The Look is a bit too pink and light for me. I have Alter Ego in the Amplified Lips but I think I've only worn it once. I have Just A Girl in the Lip Whip formula though and I've worn that a tonne :D

  6. I still haven't got around to trying HV, but when I do I will for sure get Heart Throb! What a great colour!

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