Friday, May 6, 2011

Makeup Flashback: In Photos

This tag has been going around the interwebs and after talking with Robyn, Jessica and Priscilla on Twitter, I decided to do it.

Now, to preface this... there's not a whole lot of variety before age 21 in these. I went from wearing absolutely no makeup to smudgy black eyeliner. All. The. Time. That went on for YEARS... raccoon eyes. So this is mostly a quick timeline with some interesting (maybe not) bits in between.

Age 13 - Bahahahaha, good god this is bad. I hadn't discovered anything at this point... that's also the lead singer of Lifehouse. Like... 10 years ago.

Age 16 - Still not much makeup. I had some lipgloss on that my friend Amanda put on me. My parents were out of town so she came over and had a photoshoot at my house with my friend Laura. Here's the thing about this photo: LOOK AT MY HAIR. How did it ever get that long?!

Age 18 - The beginning of the raccoon eyes. Laura put eyeliner on me at some point to meet a guy and I never turned back for a very long time. No one ever told me about eyeshadow primer so Panda Wendy was born. Also, my eyebrows are disgusting.

Age 19 - Getting a little better, at least it's not smudged so bad. I think I was wearing blue eyeshadow here. No lipgloss, no mascara, no brow fill in... ugh.

Age 19 - And then I regressed. This photo is straight embarrassing. I went as a 'dead geisha' for Halloween. But hey, I have false lashes on! They actually weren't too badly applied. But what's with the Padme lip? I dunno man.

Age 19 - I -think- this is the same year. I can't remember. I know I did 2 costumes one year but I don't remmeber what dead geisha paired with. Anyway. Snow White Costume. I went and bought a WetnWild 99cent sparkly red lip gloss since, well, it was Snow White. Still got the thick, black Egyptian liner going on. Again, WTFHAIR. I don't remember it being that long...

Age 20 - At 20 I graduated from college and got my first office job, which somehow meant it was time to cut my hair. I think I still regret that decision because it's never gotten as long again. I started using a little undereye concealer on my lid and under my eye, so my eyeliner was a little neater by then.

Age 21 -  Began playing with makeup. I think playing around came before watching YouTube videos because I remember using colored eyeliners a lot. I did the initial stages of filling my eyebrows in... no plucking yet but at least it was a step in the right direction. I also bought my first Mac items (White Frost and Sushi Flower eyeshadow), which was a big deal because I didn't understand the cost of them before.

Age 21/22 - Met my husband and dyed my hair bright red (in that order). Started plucking my eyebrows and as a side note... started dressing nicer. Still wasn't wearing much in the way of lip product, though.

Age 22 - Went as Lady Gaga for Halloween. First time I ever properly applied false lashes (and wore a blonde wig). Also was my first smokey eye, as badly as it was done. OH! And hot pink lips for the first time... again, a 99 cent WetnWild thing.



Age 22 - Started the blog and getting inspiration from the runway and magazines. The top look is from Mac Love Lace and the bottom was something I came up with from my head.

Age 23 (Now) - Cut bangs into my hair and keep that blog going! This is where I am now :)

Pfew... that was a lot. I'll try to scoop up a baby picture or two and add those as well!

Hope you enjoyed, and if you've done this or decide to do it... link me to it! I find these really interesting.


  1. I love the Mac Love Lace look! And also the falls! I think everyone had the same problem in their teenage years, huh? Bloody eyeliner.

  2. OMG you do not look bad at all!!! You look great =) and I mean that!!! i love the last two eye pretty!!

  3. Haha...I love these! I need to go through some pics and do one of these, they are so fun. And your hair!!!! LOL Wow, it was so long!!

  4. What a fun post! I can't believe how long your hair used to be! Its fun to see how you have changed over the years!

  5. I too was very attached to wearing black eyeliner alone for ages! I want to do one of these posts but don't have many photos of my make-up. Maybe I can take pictures of the actual products instead.

  6. I like the green eye make-up. (age 22)

  7. omg! soo glad u did this..ur hair was sooo long at neat to see the transformation from when ur young to now and I luv u with red hair. I will do this for sure..just gotta find and gather up some pics :D BTW I luv talking to u all on twitter..we have some great convo's!

  8. I love makeup/style/hair flashbacks or timelines or whatever you want to call them! Love the Lifehouse picture, it's so late 90's/early 2000's!! I also rather enjoy your dead geisha picture, as embarrassed as you are about it. It seems you've come a long way, your Love Lace look and the green look underneath it are both fabulous!

  9. Thanks so much everyone! I wasn't expecting anyone to be interested, haha! It was fun to flash back.

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