Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I Did This Weekend (Photoshoots, etc)

I had 2 photoshoots on Sunday with a photographer that I work with often, and I got free reign to do whatever makeup I wanted. We were at an abandoned warehouse near some old railroad tracks, and he intended on having the girls wear gas masks in some of the photos.

The first girl was an adorable goth girl, so I did something dark on her but not overly dramatic as she didn't want to do her usual.

Sorry for the shite photo, it was REALLY sunny and it was sabotaging my photos. I used the purples and highlight from the Sleek Bad Girl palette over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet, and used the black from the palette to smudge along her lashline. The black liner on her waterline was Physician's Formula. Mascara was her tube of The Falsies, and concealer was Hard Candy Glamoflauge. On her cheeks, I used elf's Contouring Blush and Bronzer kit. Lips were Cover Girl Queen lipstick in Girly Pink with Hard Candy Glossaholic in Chill Out over top.

This girl was a similar style, but she was wearing all black so I felt the urge to do brights. Eyes were Inglot (374, 504 and 491) and Jesse's Girl eye dust in Secret Weapon. I used the Physician's Formula liner on her upper lashline and Sephora Waterproof in Blue on her lower waterline. The black glitter is Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Rock Chick. I don't remember what I used on her cheeks as I had to try a few products before finding something that wasn't too light (I really need blushes for darker skintones in my kit) and on the lips was Cover Girl Siren lipstick applied with a lip brush.

I also recorded a video for The Makeup Heroes... just some January favorites:

For the makeup in that video, see below:

It was a cool concept, but trying to use all cream products didn't quite work out for me. You can see the bald spot, which was invisible to my naked eye. I used the Inglot shadows that Priscilla gave me. The eyeliner was NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cucumber, Sephora Jumbo Waterproof Pencil in Green and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Sparkle Green. On my lips was Cover Girl Darling with NYX Mega Shine Gloss in Lala over top.

As a random side thing, creepy iris is creepy:

That's all for now! Would you like to see some of the professional photos from my photoshoots?


  1. Yes...I want to see some of the photos from the photoshoot.
    Also in your video, you reviewed an eye liner and I would like you to teach me how to use it. Maybe the brown or black, but also I would like to learn the way you use colors for liner, above and below. Great video!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see your photos from the shoot!! Your look is super cute! I need to try that =)

  3. oh what a good idea
    loved the gradient green eyeliner. superb
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  4. Yes, of course I always want more photos!! xx

  5. Loving that gradient eyeliner Wendy...

  6. That must be so fun to work on real photo shoots! You should post some pictures from it when you get them!