Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FOTD: STOP! Hammer Lime.

The name is totally, 100% because of Robyn.

I'm on a green kick lately, combined with some of the awesome greens that I have from Inglot... I came up with this! Sorry for the wonky liner; the husband had to be to work a little early and I didn't have time to do it at home, so I had to try to line my eyes in the car with the tiny overhead mirror.

- Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Ivory
- Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium
- Maybelline SuperStay Concealer in Cream
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light
- Mac MSF in Semi Precious Crystal Pink

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cucumber
-Inglot eyeshadow #59 (lid and lower lashline)
- Inglot eyeshadow #412 (inner tear duct, lower lash, and to blend out crease)
- Inglot eyeshadow #57(outer crease and outer lower lashline)
- Inglot eyeshadow #385 (upper crease and middle lower lashline)
- Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Liquid Liner in Sparkle Black (upper lashline)
- Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

- MUA Lipstick in Shade 3 (blotted)
- Femme Couture Lip Lustre in Sahara Rose


  1. <3! So pretty! The lime colour is gorgeous. (And cheers for passing the blame on to me, even though this is clearly the best named post in the history of blogging.)

  2. Love the name :) These greens are awesome on you! You did great with the liner in the car. Better than I do at home sometimes :)

  3. Yeah, the name is amazing. The look is even amazing-er! xx

  4. My reaction to the first picture on my dash- Ahmahgahd. The combination of lime green and hot pink always makes me drool! I also couldn't resist pressing play on the video.. Now it'll be stuck in my head all night, you evil person you!! Lol

  5. haha so love this song, and also his trousers! and you're so limey! and gosh how i would like to have that wet n wild liner of yours! (which btw is very welle drawn for being in the car!)//Azure

  6. I love doing my make-up in the car is that weird? Your liner looks perfect for having done it in a the car. I seriously love greens on you, you could wear them all the time and I would not complain.

  7. That look is sooo amazing and vivid and happy! I'm listening to this song for the first time and I quite like it!

  8. UGH THAT LID COLOUR IS TO FRIGGIN DIE FOR. And dude, you did a way better job at car liner than I could do! *slicks on car gloss* ;]

  9. Very well done makeup!! :) It's so lovely

  10. Beautiful! I need to whip out some colours...I only ever wear neutrals these days..

  11. I am clicking on my 'UNF' button.

  12. These are some awesome greens, they look great over the Cucumber JEP! CAN'T TOUCH THIS.....that really takes me back to my childhood, my brother and sister and I used to dance to this tape back in the day, lol!