Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inglot Eyeshadow Overview

Just a warning: This is going to be a VERY long post! My husband got me a 20 pan Inglot palette for Christmas along with 15 eyeshadows, so I rearranged my new bits with eyeshadows I already had and came up with this setup:

More of the post after the jump!


I now have a 20 pan with bright colours, a 10 pan with more neutral tones, and a 4 pan with blues. I was so excited to get this and get all of my colours organized! I really love the set up now, and of course, the eyeshadows.

I would do like with my Mac overview and explain each finish that Inglot has, but I'm going to be honest in that I don't know much about them. I've only ever gone into the store itself once and I can't say that I have enough knowledge on each type of eyeshadow they do to give a definite overview. Instead, I have swatched all of the colors I have, and will go through them with you. I tried to get these as accurate as possible so you may notice some lighting differences as I adjusted the gamma/brightness and red/blue to make the purples more color accurate.


First up, the 20 palette. I encourage you to blow up these images to see the shimmer, etc. and to see the numbers better. There will be closeups of each shadow after the overall pictures:

Left to right: 60, 383, 15, 464, 50, 362, 392, 14, 72 and 445.

Left to right: 441, 379, 491, 504, 372, 385, 59, 412, 57 and 44

The neutral palette:

Left to right 395, 368, 337, 344, 465, 434, 380, 387, 420 and 460

Finally, the blue palette:

Left to right: 429, 371, 480 and 332

Inglot eyeshadows are just fabulous, there's no two ways about it. There aren't really any duds in my entire collection. A few colors need an extra layer to be fully opaque, but one really can't complain when you barely have to touch your brush to the shadow in the first place! The mattes are probably one of their best textures, even though they can be a tad bit chalky. The best thing about these -- blending is effortless. Seriously.

Now for closeups of the shadows, these will be in numerical order:

See anything you like? I know that Inglot posts create the most intense lemmings for me! Hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Omg great colors and swatches!! You make me want more inglot in my life.

  2. there's a song by Tegan & Sara that popped in my head when I saw this and it's so appropriate for this: So Jealous! wow, you're husband is great! he knows what to buy! (but how did he know all the numbers of your previous shadows? clever man there!)
    btw, hope your 2012 will be just as colourful as this palette!!!

  3. @EyeGraffiti: If only, haha! I picked out the shadows, and he suggested the 20 pan palette ;-)

  4. Some of these I have, the rest of these I want. I tried to do an overview of the types of shades and I know them but not to compare them to MAC which sucks, and all the SA who I asked last could tell me about AMC vs non AMC is that 'it's more pigmented.' Than what?!

  5. Nice! I'm slowly building my Inglot palette...can't afford to buy them all at once, your husband is awesome for getting you this! My boyfriend is afraid to walk in makeup stores LOL.

  6. I have wanted to try Inglot for a long time, I never hear anything but positives. Lovely swatches, the blues/teals look amazing!

  7. I love Inglot and have 38 eyeshadows now! I always bring my list with me as I always end up picking up the ones I already have! I love how pigmented they are and brilliant value for money! My mobile network here in Ireland do a 'goodie bag' and you can get 20% off which makes it even better! Great selection of colours you got!

  8. So many pretty colors! I love Inglot! I'm jealous of your collection! The neutral palette is awesome!

  9. Awwwesome! Having a neutral and a bright palette is a great idea, think I'm gonna have to get a similar setup. Must start saving those pennies! :)

  10. Awesome post! I'll definitely be referring to this post when I'm ready to place my order!

  11. Wow, these shades look so vibrant and pigmented! There used to be a HUGE Inglot store at one of my local malls several years ago, but I guess they didn't do enough business because they closed after not being there for too long. Looking at these swatch photos, it's hard for me to understand why they even had to close!

  12. You just made me drool on my laptop lol
    I love my Inglot too, and you have awesome palettes! Enjoy them!!! xox

  13. WANT THEM ALLLLLLLL. Especially 371 :D

  14. OMG!!!! Your husband did very well!! Ooooooh you have so much Inglot, I am jealous! I am loving those mattes, I don't have very many in my stash. I'm planning on stocking up on those when I go to Montreal in May because they have an Inglot store there!