Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Since You Like to Troll My Blog, Come and Read This

I received a comment on my Black Radiance palettes post that not only disturbed me due to the complete and utter misunderstanding of what this blog is, disgusted me by the rudeness of the person involved, made me angry, and made me even angrier because this person has now 'trolled' my blog twice. First was to comment on what she felt was a bad decision to dye my hair pink. Well, sorry honey, but you've ticked me off for the last time, and now you're going on blast. Enjoy.

Let's start off with the obvious: I make no money on this blog. Do you see any ads? Do you see anything cluttering up my page? No. Why? Because I HAVE NONE. I don't make a single fucking penny from this site and I don't ever plan on doing so. I'm not partner on my Youtube channel nor on The Makeup Heroes. I write this blog because I enjoy it as a hobby, not because I'm doing it for a living. So, you're assumption that I'm "making money off of a blog for review" is not only ridiculous, rude, and preposterous, but it's also stupid. If you took five seconds to look around my blog other than to make rude comments and troll me, you'd see that I have nothing to MAKE money on. You are sorely misunderstanding how the blogging world works, apparently.

Beyond that, why do you feel the need to cast hate on my little corner of the internet? Do you not have anything else better to do? Apparently not. You've never commented on my blog previously until the pink hair post. So... why should I give two shits about your opinion? The only reason you're on blast is because I want to make it clear and obvious to everyone who reads this blog what my intentions are. I don't want anyone thinking that I'm trying to misguide or dupe you into anything, because I'm not. I'm here, I'm me, I make no money off of the things I post (in fact I hurt my wallet quite a bit going out and buying all of these things to review, so you can go and do one, frankly.)

I'm gonna leave you be for the time being because I'm curious to see if you bother responding to this post. After that, buh-bye, see ya, because you're going to be BANNED.


  1. It's not that you couldn't easily make money through monetization and paid reviews, you just choose not to.

    I know, it's my wallet that gets hurt too :-)

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry lady. Some people just *need* to be hurtful to feel better about life. It was like when cafe from MUA attacked my blog - it's INTERNET. FREE SPACE. Like it? Stay. Don't? Hit that little grey "x" on your tab AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. URGHHHHHH. And even to post with her blog name? COOL: UNFOLLOWED.

  3. :( Unfortunately trolls abound. And like this one they are quite stupid lol. Even if you made money from ads I wouldn't care. Temptalia does, but I still read her blog.

  4. :( I was wondering what happened to PLS because I tried to link to her the other day and her blog was gone. Sorry to see she is causing drama :( Hang in there. I happen to like the pink hair and appreciate your reviews!

  5. Right on, lady, stomp a troll! 1-Your hair is amazing. (And that's not just my opinion - it's on tumblr, so other peeps agree, too.) 2-This blog is clearly a labor of love, and it's so blatantly obvious you're not shilling for anyone.

    Ugh, making that comment was classless, but I'm not terribly surprised. Anyhoodles, good riddance to bad rubbish and trolls, and <3s to you!

  6. wait, she's the one who deleted her blog?? i'm wondering if a troll hijacked it??? that's nuts!

    anyway, your faithful readers know the truth. try not to let one bad apple get ya down. :)

  7. Wow, what a rude little girl that one is - proud of you for posting her ridiculousness, hope she sees it and feels ashamed (key word *hopes*)

  8. I'm a big believer in the theory that people show their true selves online, a world where the only solid restriction is your own moral compass.

    This said, it never ceases to amuse how often people say things online that they wouldn't dare say to your face. Oh sure, they like to say they would, quite possibly even like deluding themselves into thinking they would, but we all know they wouldn't. I don't know what's funnier, that they have such pathetic lives that this kind of behaviour constitutes entertainment or that they're simply too stupid to realize the only think it achieves is getting them mocked.

  9. Can I haz some of your millionz of dollorz you're making off ur blogz plz?!

  10. Ouff! Some people just need to find a hobby to spend all their time on! Anyway we appreciate all your looks, reviews and swatches!

  11. "If you ain't got nuthin nice to say, don't say nuthin' at all."
    More people should listen to Thumper!

    Anywho... I love your pink hair. And can I have a penny?

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