Sunday, May 9, 2010

Update from the past few weeks (PICS)

My boyfriend was here for a little over two weeks and is now waiting in Charlotte to go home. I miss him already :(

I meant to do a lot more FOTDs to post but I just didn't have time. I used my new Acid and Bohemian palettes quite a bit but usually forgot to photo it afterwards. Sucks because there were some amazing looks. At least I got some photos with my boyfriend so you can sort of see my makeup at a few points.

So this is sort of a hodge podge post of makeup pics and a few other non-makeup pics. I'll get back into posting over the next week and will be focusing on my new makeup items.

First off, ignore my disgusting eyebrows in a few shots, I lost my tweezers for like 4 days... my razor as well, which I've now found. Second, in a few shots, my eyes are really red... I'm still battling allergies!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

As a side note... one of my nails broke clear off. Not even kidding. I apparently damaged it heavier than I thought around Christmas (no idea how) and a bruise turned into a ridge, which turned into losing an entire nail. Luckily there is a new one underneath albeit thin and not attractive looking. I am so upset. Summer is starting and I can't wear flip flops until this heals :(.

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  1. You're so beautiful! I love the rainbowy look. And ouch so sorry to hear about your nail! D: