Sunday, February 6, 2011

WetnWild 8 Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons + Dupes

Today I have the 2nd part of this weekend I will dub "WetnWild Madness" (that sounds... off...).

I figured I would post pics of comparisons between the new palettes and the original 6 pans, as well as the limited edition 6 pans from Christmas. I also pulled out my pressed eyeshadow stash and did some comparisons there...

First up, the new 8 pans vs. original and limited edition 6 pans.

(Note that on ALL swatches, the new 8 pan swatch will be on the left)

Petal Pusher v. Lust:
The top 2 swatches are the blackened burgundy shades... I would say they are dupes. The newer 8 pan seemed to swatch more vibrantly and had a bit more sparkle. The bottom two don't match, even though they seemed very similar in the pans.

Top photo: Petal Pusher (left) v. Sugar Plum Fairy (right)
Bottom photo: Sugar Plum Fairy (left) v. Petal Pusher (right)

It is safe to say the pale lilac and golden plum shades are identical (top row).
The bottom row shades are sort of close... the newer palette has better pigmentation on the blue/purple shade. The blackened red shades are close enough, but the Sugar Plum Fairy palette has a slight grey lean... which is strange.

Blue Had Me At Hello v. Pride:
The sparkling white shades are 100% identical, even down to the chunky glitter fallout ;-). The bottom row... not so much. The far left is the darkest blue from Blue Had Me At Hello, it is definitely nothing like the other two, even though they look similar. The other two are like fraternal twins. Same idea, but weirdly enough the new palette doesn't swatch as smoothly as the Pride palette.

(Awkward top photo, sorry!)
Comfort Zone v. Night Elf: Dupes, that is all :) Night Elf has a bit more of a green/blue flash.
Blue Had Me At Hello v. Night Elf: Pretty close, Night Elf's sparkling black has a stronger base. I'd still call them dupes.

Comfort Zone v. Night Elf:
Duuuuuppppesss! The pale, golden taupes are again, 100% identical.
Comfort Zone v. Golden Goddess: The only thing from Golden Goddess I could find to compare to the new ones... and no dice. They aren't even remotely close. Golden Goddess is a plum with gold while Comfort Zone is more of a blackened brown.

Overall, I couldn't find many to compare to. There were a couple of dupes, but nothing that would make me say for someone to not purchase them. There are enough shades that are different for it to be worth it, even if you have all of the original and limited edition like I do. Now, I do not have Snow Sprite from Christmas, so there may be one or two similar ones in there.

I only found a few remotely similar shades in the rest of my collection, and swatched them...

The two dark blues are Blue At Me At Hello v. Mac Deep Truth. Deep Truth has a bit of pink sparkle, which makes it different, but I'd still say they are darn close.
The bottom olive green and brown/olive are Comfort Zone v. Mac Sumptuous Olive. Not close at all.
The right swatches are Comfort Zone v. Mac Mink & Sable, a discontinued shade. Again, no real similarities other than being in the same color family.

Top row is Comfort Zone v. Urban Decay Hustle (from the Naked Palette. Similar in the pans but Comfort Zone is much darker.
Bottom row is Comfort Zone v. Urban Decay Sidecar. Both are taupes but Comfort Zone is much more golden and lighter.

Top row is Blue Had Me At Hello v. Urban Decay Peace. This was the closest thing I had and Peace is a very vibrant sky blue... not teal at all like the other swatch.
Left swatch on the bottom is Comfort Zone v. Urban Decay Underground. Comfort Zone is much, much warmer and more golden.
Right bottom swatch is Blue Had Me At Hello v. Urban Decay Zero. I always thought Zero was a matte black... but look how dumb I am. Obvious difference.

Top is Comfort Zone v. WetnWild Nutty (single eyeshadow), again, Nutty is much warmer.
Middle is Petal Pusher v. WetnWild Kitten (single). I thought these were the same but once I photographed them, Kitten is lighter. Similar bases though.
Bottom is Blue Had Me At Hello v. Urban Decay Revolver. Again, looked similar in normal light but the flash brings out a pink/purple flash in Revolver. Whether it transfers on the eye, I am honestly not sure. I've never noticed it.

Hopefully that helps some of you! Sorry it was so long and a bit confusing... let me know if you have any questions! :)


  1. All is awesome!
    I love this palettes :)

  2. I need to find these palettes! They look awesome :)

  3. I want Comfort Zone so badly! Thanks for this. I keep seeing where the palettes should be at my Walgreens but they've been sold out!

  4. The Comfort Zone and Night Elf pale golden taupes- OMG! And I spent a good 5 minutes laughing at Wet'n'Wild Madness... lol

  5. You did a great job comparing these to other shadows, such an awesome post and swatch photos!

  6. Wow.. All the effort to compare these.. =) They don't sell WnW here but I don't see the need to buy shades that look the same =(

  7. When I saw Petal Pusher, I immediately thought some of the shades looked really similar to the Sugar Plum Fairy palette. I don't think I need this one.

    However, I still need Comfort Zone, even though I have Night Elf. :)

    Thanks for the detailed comparison!

  8. Since I didn't get the Sugar Plum Fairy palette, I'm going to have to pick up Petal Pusher!

  9. Comfort Zone looks awesome still.. and so does Petal Pusher! Awesome duping, luv!

  10. Oh so pretty! I want Wet N Wild dammit! Some of those colours are just stunning!

  11. Absolutely AMAZING post Wendy!! :D

  12. I found this post doing a Google search - awesome swatches!!