Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video: Jeans for Curvy Girls!


Video information:
Intro Clothing:
- Brown cardigan from JCPenney
- Dress from Papaya
- Unknown pink necklace (hand me down)

"Bad Jeans"
- Top is old, old, old from Wet Seal
- Old Navy "Sweetheart" fit, flare leg, Dark Fade wash, $29.50

Skinny Jeans
- Old Navy "The Flirt" fit, skinny jean, Armstrong wash, $29.50

Bootcut Jeans
- The Limited #678 Slim Bootcut Jean, Dark Blue wash, $69.90

The Limited does ship internationally for an additional fee.
Old Navy ships internationally as well, but you will not be able to partake in any free shipping or reduced shipping deals.

I hope this helps any of you who need help finding jeans for your curvy figure, or even just those looking for a cute pair!


  1. I've always felt that jeans shopping it just like swimsuit shopping! My favorite brand is Lucky and I love my Skinny Joe's. A little pricey but definitely awesome!

  2. Fat-assery! I totally snorted. I love your Batman top with the bling, and the first good jeans are awesome! :D

    I HATE buying jeans. I am tall AND curvy, and that apparently does not mix. If I find jeans that I like, they have noooo stretch in and I get wear in the widest bit of my thighs, which sucks. I just found some awesome jeans - they make my arse look pretty amazing - and they're long enough, but they wear through soooo quick! Waaa :(

  3. It is a nightmare getting jeans. I'm quite tall as well as curvy. So the combo is hard to match. Most good jeans don't make my leg length in female styles. So I've got to check out these jeans. :) Thanks

  4. AHH yes I am in the fat-assery club with ya!! but I luv my booty and hips like u :) This video was VERY helpful..u literally are my shape..kinda creepy if I think about it lol!! I totally agree with you on those old navy sweet heart jeans..I HATED them and they fit me all wrong! I really wanted a pair of skinny jeans but have yet to find a pair I like, I will have to try the old navy one..did you find you had to go up a size for those or did u get ur normal size? Sometimes it seems I have to go up a size when I try the skinny jeans on cuz of my ass...BTW I am lovin the limited jeans..I gotta check them out! Right now my favorite jeans are from H&M and they have a great stretch to them and I have a pair of calvin klein bootcut jeans that I got from costco that I love but I am always looking for something better..thanks so much!