Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perfume Collection (Video)

Here it is in case you haven't seen it :)


  1. 'Love & Luck' sounds really nice, and I have to agree the packaging is fabulous.

    I really love perfumes, but I'm quite sensitive to scents and often find alcohol based perfumes too sharp, give me a migraine or make my dizzy, or make my eyes water like crazy, sometimes I can smell the alcohol over the actual scent which can be really off putting, or my skin reacts. I really like perfume oils or solid perfumes though, and don't tend to have those issues with them. I also like the unusual scents you can find with artisan perfumes.

    My favourite alcohol based perfume would be Christian Dior's 'Poison'. Weapon of mass seduction.

    I really love Linden Leaves 'In Love Again', which they sadly don't offer as a spray anymore. Though the body oil is nice.

    I got a new collect of perfume oils just yesterday from zOMG Scents. 'The Nuremburg Pudding Incident' smells like the most delicious warm vanilla pudding with a hint of lemon. But my favourite is 'Nize Hat', which is a blend of ambergris, coconut meat, white cedar pitch, and olibanum. I also have a soft spot for the Jäger's, even the weird leafy mint one, though this may just be because I love the Jäger's in the comic all these are styled after.

  2. @Lolli: I need to smell Poison -- everyone talks about it and it sounds like something I'd like, as I like seductive and deep scents most of the time. I will have to check out those others -- Nize Hat sounds right up my alley. (though the pudding incident makes me giggle as I think of pudding spraying all over walls)

  3. Poison might be the one I have been wanting to try also. I smelled a perfume on someone and asked what it was and what they told me was NOT what they were wearing. The perfume I liked had a "peppery" smell. Let me know if Poison is like that.