Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fyrinnae Haul!

I recorded a video, and it's too long!
Grrrrr, if anyone wants to see it, tell me... I'll edit it and get it up. Not gonna go through the trouble if no one cares. It was a Morgana Minerals/Fyrinnae video.

Eyeshadow Samples:
Top (L to R): Herbivore, Archmage, Dragonmagic
Middle (L to R): Chaotic Evil, Curiouser and Curiouser, Electro-Koi
Bottom (L to R): Candy Coated, Gryffonrider, Freya
Lip Lustre (very bottom): Romantique

Herbivore is a lilac with green and teal sparkle.
Archmage is a sage green that is sometimes gray w/ silver sparkle
Dragonmagic is a dark green with emerald green sparkle
Chaotic Evil is a cool brightened pink with silver sparkle
Curiouser and Curiouser is a mid-toned blue with teal sparkle
Electro-Koi is a pastel orange with gold sparkle
Candy Coated is a brown-red with pink sparkle
Gryffonrider is a metallic gold with blueish sparkle
Freya is a dark metallic purple with mid-toned purple flash
Romantique is a pink gold gloss, very opaque

I can't really pick a favorite tbh! They're all so lovely. Dragonmagic is everything I want Mac's Humid to be when I use it. The gloss is Mac's Nymphette on crack!

I also picked up a full size Pixie Epoxy. I haven't used any of these except to swatch, and when I do a FOTD with them, I will talk about them as I use them. I am really looking forward to it -- they're so beautiful and sparkly!

Don't forget -- my giveaway closes tonight at midnight! I will be picking the winner tomorrow afternoon so the winner post will be up by the end of the day tomorrow.

Welcome to all of my new followers and thanks for keeping up with me! I really appreciate it.


  1. be sure to enter my giveaway chica :-}

  2. I'd like to see your video. You went to the trouble of making it so it would be a shame if you didn't put it up :-)

  3. the colors are so pretty!!! ^__^

  4. thx for swatching :)
    those colors are awesome

  5. Pretty colours :)
    I'd like to see the video!

  6. Beautiful colours. I can't believe i missed your giveaway :(

  7. By all the video.

  8. Thanks ladies! I am so excited to do a FOTD with them. Had 3 colors picked for today and overslept... I may go home and do it just to photo it :)
    @Lillian: Noooooooooooooooo! :(