Friday, June 4, 2010

Wanna get dirty?

Shameless title, I know, but I had to... it's just too easy.

Here is my entry for the Christina Aguilera challenge on Makeup Geek. I started out not intending to it that way but then I realized how similar it was to her style. Instead of copying a direct photo, I wanted to take inspiration from some of her more daring looks:

She's not afraid of smokey, heavy makeup. I also wanted to convey the idea, more than an exact picture, and also make it more wearable. (Even though I totally wore glasses over this... it's insanely bright in person). If this wasn't before work, I would have attempted Stars 'n Rockets over a black base.
So here are the products I used:

- Clinique Redness Solutions base
- Mac Studio Fix powder, NC20
- CoverGirl tinted moisturizer (fair to light)
- Mac MSF in Gold Deposit
- Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20
- Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20

- Mac e/s in Brown Down (brows)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Maybelline Great Lash (clear for brows)
- MUFE #92
- Darkened pink from Sleek Acid palette
- Ben Nye Turquoise
- Urban Decay liner in Zero
- Ben Nye Ice
- Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara (loooove... doing a vid review later)

- Mac lipstick Sandy B
- Essence gloss in Rising Star (#4)

U like my Christina pose? lmao.


  1. Love the color combo and the blending is fab!

  2. Really brings out the colour of your eyes... and I love that you made your own look and didn't just copy one! I like Christina's old looks, like these pics so much better than pin-up Christina, which I know is a travesty because she does it sooooo well, but these are just more unique.

  3. Very pretty, your eyes are amazing!

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