Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette Swatches (and other Sleek blush swatches!)

Helllloooo again! I have more swatches for you today, in particular, a new item from Sleek. One of their revered items is their blush and they have come out with a palette that contains 3 colors. These retail for £9.99 and come in 5 different shade combinations. Robyn picked up 'Pumpkin' for me, which is a gorgeous array of a shimmery red, a blue-pink and an orange.

The packaging is similar to their single blushes, only the pan is wider (I'd say it's about 1.5 times as wide as the regular) and the inside is divided into 3 sections. There's a large mirror in the top and as usual, the packaging is sturdy and hard plastic.

These blushes are incredibly pigmented and soft but blend so easily. I think that the shades in this particular set would most suit a medium or darker skin, but with a lighter hand, a fair skinned gal could pull these off.

Top is Lantern, which is a shimmery orangey red.

Middle is Squash, which is a cool-toned medium pink with blue shift. This is similar to Flamingo but more blue toned.

Bottom is P Pie which is a bright yellow orange. This may be similar to the blush that came out in the Aruba collection, I don't have it to compare.

My personal favorite is actually Lantern, even though it would make my naturally red cheeks look awful. I think I could pop some highlighter over top and make it work though!

All of them together so that you can see the color range. For me this will be great for my freelance kit, especially since the blushes will be perfect on most skin tones. Space saver!

Robyn also sent me 3 blushes from their permanent line to help round out my freelance kit. I don't have many blushes for darker skintones as I'm so fair that I tend to avoid anything super pigmented. She sent Flushed, Coral and Sunrise. All three are stunning.

Top is Sunrise, middle is Coral and the bottom is Flushed.

(Left) Sunrise is a deep berry with strong gold shimmer. This has the same finish as the famous Rose Gold.

(Middle) Coral is a medium soft coral with a hint of brown. This is mostly matte.

(Right) Flushed is a red berry with the same finish as Coral.

Overall, I love Sleek's blushes, I think they are one of the best products they do, next to their eyeshadow palettes. I'm so excited to have some new shades for my kit!

See anything you like? Let me know!


  1. Sleek blushes are definitely my favourite thing they do, love how versatile (and cheap) they are!


  3. *jaw drop* OMG are these blush palettes new? I need all of them!

  4. Nooooo I can't find them on the sleek site!

  5. I... I think I need some of these. Dammit, Robyn and Wendy!

  6. I still need some Sleek in my life! that palette looks like a must have!